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"Bounce" Review 26 September 2002
Very Disappointing

A review by Lak /

Talk about selling out! I know Bon Jovi have always been a commercial band with one eye on the charts, but now it seems like its both eyes firmly blinkered towards it, and this is all that matters! Perhaps the main problem on this album are the slow love ones. These are horrible corny affairs and none of them, not even misunderstood (which is the best of them) come anywhere near matching the quality of their earlier career efforts on every previous BJ album. All of them would be better given to Boyzone to sing. Of the quick ones, well undivided is a good opener, everyday is a great rocker, Hook me up is very good and Bounce is just sensational. Joey and Right side of Wrong though are corny, over comercial and just sound like b-sides that they've worked very hard on. The distance I would best describe as very mediocre. On the plus side there's obviously some great guitar work and keyboards on the album, inevitablely since Richie and Dave are such good musicians. The band have also moved on to a new sound which they do every album. So thats positive at least. But on the whole this is a very disappointing affair. Being as commercial as possible now seems to be the bands only aim. Perhaps the fact that Andreas Carlsson co- wrote most the stuff is evidence of this.

Rating: 3/10

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