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"Bounce" Review 26 September 2002
Finally they're back!!!

A review by Jon77 /

After 7 years Bon Jovi's back!! Why I say 7 years? Because I was very very sad when, after the illusion of the great "It's my life", I listened "Crush"... awful pop songs("Say it isn't so" or "She's a mistery") with a no-Bon Jovi sound and, except 3 maybe 4 tracks, a mix of B-sides of the worst Bon Jovi's production (but why they excluded "Stay" and "Neurotica"???)!!!! My last true Bon Jovi's album was "These Days" (no comment for "Destination Anywhere", pop Jon solo album.. was ok "Undiscovered soul"of Richie). Now with "Bounce" I listen an energy and a sound of the Bon Jovi that I know!!

Wonderful "Undivided", "Right side of wrong" and "Everyday" and very very good all the other songs... just one thing: "Bounce" it's very simil to "It's my life" and "All about lovin'you" to "Never Say Goodbye"..but no problem! It's good to take inspiration from great songs of the past years! A great album, great rock, great ballads(and great new Richie's guitar sound. If you like rock and/or Bon Jovi you got to buy this album!!!

Rating: 8/10

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