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"Bounce" Review 27 September 2002
Bounce or Ballad ?

Bon Jovi a rock band or Boy band ?

A review by Deeko /

1) Undivided - Brilliant tack, the best on the album. Rocks away like "Hey God"...good stuff. 9.

2) Everyday - Is this on Jovi single release standard ?, certainly not a great single if you ask me. 7.

3) The Distance - Very average album track, starts well but ends on frustration because this could have been a good tune. 5.

4) Joey - Very similar to "These Days", but not as good. 6.

5) Misunderstood - Decent track and a better effort. This song would have been better off on the "Crush" album. 7.

6) All About You - Average ballad, similar to "This ain't a love song" but again nowhere near as good. 7.

7) Hook Me Up - Rockish tune but nowhere near as good as "Lay Your Hands On Me". 5.

8) Right Side of Wrong - Yet another ballad, not great. 6.

9) Love Me Back To Life - Ballad, but with a rockier edge to it. 5.

10) You Had Me From Hello - These ballads are getting annoying now - they ain't great folks !. 6.

11) Bounce - Rock tune, more like it from the Jovis. Why not more of this though ??. 8.

12 Open All Night - Guess what ??, another ballad !. 5.

OVERALL - Poor performance from Bon Jovi. They should stick to anthemic rock tunes and the occasional ballad which I think is what they are best at. 6/10 at best !.

Rating: 6/10

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