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"Bounce" Review 27 September 2002
Another step forward

A review by Thomas /

This won't be a review like all the others before. First I have to say that I won't rate any album of bon jovi and it's a crime to compare records where 15 years passed by. Everyone who is doing something, doesn't have any sense of making music. Bounce is a great album, a typical bon jovi album, a reason why I'm a bon jovi fan for so many years. I also won't rate any song cause every song is something special. Every song is from the band's heart and it delivers a message to us. When you wanna hear a rock album don't hesitate to put "slippery" in your player. But don't expect that every new bon jovi records sounds like the good old that was made 15 years ago when the boys had other things in their mind than family, children and the problems of the world. The best thing on bon jovi, they are always changing their music style. Always depends on their mood, and that's a sign that the music comes from their hearts and not from a record label that tells them what to play like it happens so often this time (boy bands, britney and all this stuff ...)

Fact is, bounce is a great record. I bought it monday, 23rd and listened to it about 30 times in 5 days. I play it on my guitar and I love to sing jon's lyrics. And I also loved it when Crush was being released and these days and keep the faith and so on. And I will also love it when their next record will be a classic music record. Because I have to thank them for so many great shows they brought into my life, for so many happy hours and so much fun.
Just a good advice: Love Bon Jovi like they are and like they will be in the future. Keep the faith, everday.

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