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"Bounce" Review 28 September 2002
Crushing Creed

Some good tunes but some bad lyrics

A review by shada771 /

I'm surprised some folks here are so unequivocal in their liking of nearly all the tracks on Bounce. After a few listens I am still bemused.

This album has some great tracks and songs like "Bounce" are undoubtedly all-time classic Bon Jovi songs. But along the way I felt many tunes sounded similar, the lyrics quite corny and forced, and some just a rehash of old hits (read "All about loving you" with "Never say goodbye").

This album has alot of promise and some tunes I really enjoy - particularly Undivided, Everyday, All about loving you, and Bounce. Some are fillers and even the titles give them away - "Joey".

A slight improvement on Crush. The lyrics are fairly corny at times but that has always been the Bon Jovi way. Certainly Jon and Richie are no Lennon, Neil Finn, or Bob Dylan in that part.

But I felt the band sounded more tight as a unit than before.


Rating: 7/10

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