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"Bounce" Review 28 September 2002
Bounce Best Bon Jovi CD In 10 yrs

A review by Robert /

I have enjoyed this band for over 15yrs. Seen them live 29 times all over America. They are the greatest rock band out today and have come up with a record that is a true masterpiece!

Undivided - 10/10.
This song is outstanding. The guitar riff kicks butt and the lryrics are amazing. Great way to start the record.

Everyday - 9/10.
This took a while to grab onto. Nice groove, great hook. First hit off Bounce.

The Distance - 10/10.
Outstanding track. Excellent writing and great guitar.

Joey - 10/10.
Jon&Richie hit the mark on this one. Great story about a friend. Well written track.

Misunderstood - 9/10.
Strange track but after 8 spins a great song all around.

All About Lovin You - 10/10.
Best ballad since Bed Of Roses. Great vocals, great hook. great everything!

Hook Me Up - 10/10.
WOW!! This is one that floored me. The riffs are huge and I bet they open on this. I did Jon's voice on this!

Right side of wrong - 7/10.
Least favorite off Bounce. Just like choruses.

Love Me back To life - 10/10.
Excellent song from start to finish. One of my faves from this band.

Had me from hello - 10/10.
Outstanding song. Jon sings at his best on this.

Bounce - 10/10.
This is Bon Jovi rock 100%. This will be huge in concert.

Open All Nite - 10/10.
Nice song a cool way to end the best Bon Jovi record since Keep The Faith.

I knew they had it in them to write a record like this.
This will be BIG World Wide!! Enjoy it as much as I do.

Rating: 10/10

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