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"Bounce" Review 29 September 2002
Finally, the time has come for me to review the new album.

Something for everyone.

A review by Rob /

Iím English and I have had the album near to a week now, and I feel Iím finally ready to review it. I think Bon Jovi have made something like a Pandoraís box here, with something for everyone, some rock songs, some ballads, some for the girls, some for the guys, some for the Americans, etc. Hereís my review track by track:

1. Undivided Ė In my opinion, not the master piece that many people think it is. I think my reason for this is that I am not an American, and it is written for the Americans. I find a song means more to me if I think I can think, yeah Iím one of the people they wrote that for. However, good opener. 8/10

2. Everyday Ė Solid track, nice lyrics, just a lack of guitar solo. 8/10

3. The Distance Ė Not too great in my opinion, maybe itíll grow slowly on me. 6/10

4. Joey Ė Sounds good to me musically, but not lyrically, I donít really like the chorus. 7/10

5. Misunderstood Ė I heard this was the next single, I hope not. Itís not too bad but there is better on the album. 7/10

6. All About Loviní You Ė Not too keen. Maybe more of a track for the girls. 5/10

7. Hook Me Up Ė Hard and quite fast. I love the chorus, and itís started to grow on me. 8/10

8. Right Side Of Wrong Ė Wow, wowÖ..! This track has blown me away, and I think itís the best on the album by a long way. In my opinion, this is one of the best Bon Jovi ballads of all time, and itís up there with Always, Liviní In Sin and Dry County. It nearly gets 10, but nothingís perfect right? 9.5/10

9. Love Me Back To Life Ė Starting to get into it, but it isnít a great song for me. Another one for the girls I think. 8/10

10. You Had Me From Hello Ė I used to think this was good, but Iíve got bored with it, or maybe itís been blasted out of the way with my love for the Right Side Of Wrong. 6/10

11. Bounce Ė An instant blast of power. One for the guys, and some girls too. I like this very much, good lyrics, and the talk box effect is used well, a little like Itís My Life. 9/10

12. Open All Night Ė Never liked it, and I donít think I ever will. Bon Jovi usually finish with a rock track (Bounce, OWN, 99 In The Shade, etc) and then a ballad (Little Bit Of Soul, Bitter Wine, etc), and this ballad isnít good enough. 5/10

Overall I think the album is ok, but itís not the bandís best work. I think they have done enough to keep their status as one of the best rock bands in the world today, but I donít feel the album is the same quality as, These Days, Keep The Faith, or maybe even Crush. They have produced one or two real corkers here, and like I said, there is something for everyone, but unfortunately I only like about 6 out of the 12 tracks. Hopefully some will grow on me as I listen more, sometimes they do. J

Thanks for hearing me out.


Rating: 7/10

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