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"Bounce" Review 30 September 2002
Bounce: The Definitive Review

This album won't win the band any new fans but existing ones should be more than happy with this effort.

A review by Kevin Malton /

It's been around two years since "Crush" was released and whilst my life has changed beyond recognition in that time it's pleasant to hear that Bon Jovi haven't. Well, not too much anyway.

Track by track:

1) Undivided. A chorus that will get into your head and not leave for ages. It's about 9/11 and maybe a *little* corny with its lyrics.

2) Everyday. This is the single and as you probably already know, it's pretty good. Great chorus, the effects on it too.

3)The Distance. Sounds A LOT like Creed in the opening and the chorus. The verses are used to make it a BJ song. Probably the best lyrics on the album and possibly some of the best the band have written. This *should* be a future single.

4)Joey. VERY VERY corny lyrics. Be prepared, listening to this will make you cringe. Still, the melody isn't too bad.

5) Misunderstood. This borrows slightly from Natalie Imbruglias's "Torn" in the lyric phrasing and the chord progression in the chorus which isn't exactly a bad thing just an observation. The lyrics are fairly slushy but as an album track it's acceptable.

6) All About Lovin' You. This is a real plodder. It sounds similar to "Never Say Goodbye" in places but nowhere near up to that standard. The worst track on the album.

7) Hook Me Up. Heavy opening. It's nothing great it's the typical Bon Jovi by numbers fast rock track.

8) Right Side Of Wrong. This tells a cute story and has a cracking chorus. Epic, emotional song.

9) Love Me Back To Life. Sounds a little like Creed starts pretty good but doesn't deliver with the chorus.

10) You Had Me From Hello. The melody isn't that great but the lyrics are brilliant. It's a slow number and something good to chill out to.

11) Bounce. Freakin awesome. A total rock-out track. Can't help but nod your head along with this. I can't praise it enough.

12) Open All Night. A poor end to the songs on the album. It's a ballad that doesn't really go anywhere although kudos to the lyrics which are amazing in places.

13) Exlusive Bonus Video Footage. This is the CD-rom part which has a picture gallery and a 7 or 8 minute "making of" type video. The video is fairly interesting.

In conclusion "Bounce" is FAR from BJ's best work. It's better than "Crush" and does have a couple of really great tracks on it; it's just a shame that a lot of the other tracks aren't that good at all. This album won't win the band any new fans but existing ones should be more than happy with this effort.

My email is and I use AIM with KevUK1 if anyone other Bon Jovi fans want to chat sometime. I am 24/M/England.

Rating: 7/10

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