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"Bounce" Review 1 October 2002
Nice Work

The time has come for a review!!!

A review by Chino

After having the record for a week, and listening to it 24/7 it is time to write the review.

Undivided.- Well nothing to say, best song on the album, nice lyrics, great riffs, 10+/10

Everyday.- Not that good to me, great rocker, nice choose for the first single. Too short 8/10

The Distance.- I love this one, should be the next single, a solo is missed, Richie where are you??????? 9/10

Joey.- This one's alright, it is SO Levon. 6/10

Misunderstood.- Very very catchy one, reminds me Say it isnt so, but I don't think it would be a hit if they release it. 8/10

All about Loving You.- First sucked, kind of boring, now its growing on me, what happened to the great "Jovi-ballads"????? 7/10

Hook Me Up.- Wow, very great rocker, one of their best on the album, nice lyrics. Sometimes I feel like I wrote it.

Right Side of Wrong.- Like Joey but better, maybe because of the solo. 8/10

Love Me Back to Life.- The Distance pt. 2????? a clon??? This one is very good, but I think it sounds a lot to The Distance. Thats why I think this one shouldnt be on Bounce, not because its bad. Instead I'd chosen Another Reason to Believe, to give more diversity to the album. 8/10

You Had Me from Hello.- The Best ballad, love the lyrics, very tender song. 9/10

Bounce.- Is this song out of NJ???? Another ten, great rocker, very exciting and encouraging song. 10/10

Open all Night. Well, dont know what to say. I really like it, but something is missing, maybe a solo or a power chorus. Reminds me Bitter Wine. 8/10

Bonus Tracks.- No Regrets (7/10) Postcards... (8/10)

Overall 8.5
Good album, not their best. I think These Days is their master piece. Cant wait for the TOUR and please come to MEXICO!!!!

Rating: 8/10

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