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"Bounce" Review 2 October 2002
HardRock and Ballads

Some are great, but.....

A review by Georges

Well, i want to review the album track by track, so here we go:

1 - Undivided
A great Opener, with its heavy riff and its catchy chorus. Don't really like the lyrics, only the lyrics in the chorus are cool. This one's great!! 10/10

2 - Everyday
The 1st single. A good Rocksong, but not more. It's too much for the MTV-Generation, though the heavy guitars.
Not bad, but also not a hammer!! 7/10

3 - The Distance
Not a big hit, but a good-rockin' BJ-song. Here are some cool guitars, too. Good, so 7/10

4 - Joey
Nice Intro with the piano, but i don't really like the chorus. It's not a bad song, but in my opinion it's not a BonJovi song. It sounds to me like a mix of joshua kadison (musically, and i hate this guy) and Bruce Springsteen (lyrically, that's okay to me) 5/10

5 - Misunderstood
Didn't like it first, but it grew. Very catchy, so it's very nice to listen to it. Not great, but good, so 7/10

6 - All about lovin' you
I really like this one. It can't mess up with the "old" BJ-ballads, but it's still very good. I like it. 8/10

7 - Hook me up
Great intro! Great Chorus! Shitty end! But still a great song with heavy guitars (i prefer those songs) and a typical BJ-chorus. 9/10

8 - Right side of Wrong
The first listening was a bit boring, but it grew. Now i like it very much, especially the chorus "i got a half tank of gas....". Great Cowboy-ballad. 8/10

9 - Love me back to life
A total normal, modern Rocksong. Not bad, but i miss the special BJ-touch...but still good. 7/10

10 - You had me from hello
Though i got the album since two weeks, i haven't listened to this one much. Sounded too boring to me in the beginning. So I can't rate this one.

11 - Bounce
After "Undivided" the best! It's good rocking with heavy guitars, richies legendary talkbox and a chorus that knocks you down. This or "Undivided" should be the next single. GREAT! 10/10

12 - Open all Night
It would have been better to close with bounce or "Another reason to believe" oder "Standing". Not a bad song, but a bit misplaced after bounce... 6/10

Well, "Bounce" is a good album, better than "Crush", but never reaches classics like "Slippery", "Faith" or "New Jersey". It would have been better to put "Standing" or "Another Reason to believe" on it, instead of "You had me from hello" or "Open all Night". More heavy songs would have turned the album in a total masterpiece! Hope the next one will be even heavier! See you all on the road!

Rating: 8/10

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