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"Bounce" Review 3 October 2002
Mixed emotions.....

A review by Booser69 /

OK so the headline may be a bit misleading as I do really like this album. However the style of some of the songs is a bit different to what we're use to. Also musically it doesnt seem to be as accomplished or technical as their older stuff. Not many songs feature one of Richie's trademark solos that you want to listen to over and over again (Right Side of Wrongs isnt THAT good). For me it was a contrast - some songs I absolutely love - others I hardly ever listen too, but overall im quite pleased. Im sure those "filler" songs will grow on me over time!

1) Undivided - Im not american so its lyrics wont mean as much to me as other people here. I also thought the chorus was a bit corny at first but now I love it. Good opener.


2) Everyday - I LOVE this song. I bought the single the first day I heard it. Some people think its a bit too simple and MTV-ish but I love it all the same. Fantastic fist in the air chorus.

10 / 10

3) The Distance - OK, I suppose. I dont like it as much as I used to. Its a nice catchy song I desperately want to like but.......cant.

7 / 10

4) Joey - How much do I hate this song? Inspired by Elton John? Let him keep these kind of songs - they're NOT what I listen to Bon Jovi for. Intro reminds me of Wild in the Streets.

6 / 10

5) Misunderstood - Now this I like. Kinda like Say It Isnt So Part 2. Which is good as i loved that song too. The chorus is just great - so catchy I listen to it over and over again. Kinda reminds of a song I wrote myself with the same chords - write your own stuff next time Jon!!!

10 / 10

6) All About Lovin You - Hmmmm quite good. Any other band this would be their big name ballad however for BJ its not in the same league as Bed of Roses, Always or even Thank You for Loving Me. Still a good song tho.

8 / 10

7) Hook Me Up - Great heavy intro. A solid rock song. Some bits sounded weird as hell and whats with that ending??!!!

9 / 10

8) Right Side of Wrong - everyone is raving about this song. I dont see whats so special. Seems like BJ just wanted a song like Dry County / Wanted DOA on the album then just dragged this out. Those 2 mentioned are FAR superior to this.

7 / 10

9) Love me Back To Life - WOW, this song really sums up how im feeling at the moment. Like I wrote it myself. I think everyone can relate to it - feeling down and needing someone to believe in and help you get through. Everything about this song is great - the verse to the powerful modern sounding chorus.

10 / 10

10) You Had Me From Hello - I thought this would be good. I was wrong. I dont like this song at all. Its far too boring. Not a good use of Jons vocals.

5 / 10

11) Bounce - everyone loves this song, Im no exception. Its what BJ do best a powerful upbeat rocker. Fantastic verses I just love how Jon sings them - so full of attitude. Richies talk box returns to so thats worth at least a 9 on its own!

10 / 10

11) Open All Night - did BJ realise someone had put this on the end of the album? Should have ended with Bounce cos this just feels tacked on. I hate Ally Mc Beal and I hate this song, seems all that overacting with Callista Flockhart went to Jons head.

6 / 10

Overall very good album. Some godly songs but not enough to make it BJ's best. BJ have several B Sides much better then stuff that made it onto Bounce - such as Standing or Another Reason to Believe. How they got shoved aside in favour of Open All Night, Had me from Hello etc Ill never know.

Rating: 8/10

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