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"Crush" Review 3 October 2002


A review by Booser69 /

Man I love this album even more so maybe then the latest Bounce. It may have got heavily critised by some for being a bit too "poppy" but I think thats unfair. Anyhooo here goes:

1) Its My Life - I was obessed with this song all last summer. Nothing else matters. Still one of their best ever. Livin on a Prayer 2. Nuff said.

10 / 10

2) Say it isnt So - I dont know why but Jon must go throught the exact same things I go through in my personal life! (except he's alot richer tho!) I really felt for the lyrics as I went through the same myself. Sounds poppy but I still love it like a brother.

10 / 10

3) Thank you for Loving me - Fantastic classic BJ ballad. Up there with Bed of Roses and Always in my opinion.

10 / 10

4) Two Story Town - I like the intro but the rest of the song is only OK.

7 / 10

5) Next 100 Years - a fantastic heavy song. Clever mix of melodic guitar in the verse then rthymic elsewhere. Plus what a solo! If only I could play like that. One of those songs where you realise how much Richie is " Da Man". Add to that the fact that it sounds like it was written for their life long fans just makes it better - "Stand by me and I would gladly give up everything". Sure will guys.

9/ 10

6) Just Older - love this song. Bon Jovi seem to recognise people see them as an "old" band - and the promptly give them the fingers. A great upbeat rock song.

9 / 10

7) Mystery Train - I loved this song at first. Now I cant stand it! Seems to bit TOO mushy.

6 / 10

8) Save the World - This just strikes me as being too corny for my tastes. Musically its nice but the lyrics make me want to throw up. Im sorry but they do!

6 / 10

9) Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars - Great song. Intro had me thinking it was Status Quo there for a second! Some great catchy guitar work throughout. A great feel good song. Smiley nonsence lyrics to lighten the mood!

9 / 10

10) She's a Mystery - worst song on the album. My least favourite BJ song EVER. Far too slow and boring - this ISNT Bon Jovi.

4 / 10

11) I Got the Girl - We know its was written about Jons daughter. Its very catchy but some how I still dont find myself listening to it.

8 / 10

12) One Wild Night - Now this is more like it. What a way to finish the album. Very Rolling Stones-ish. A great rock song with a kind of exotic flavour. Some inspired lyrics worked into the music " I stepped into the twilight zone and she left my heart with vertigo" _ I love it!

13) I could make a livin Outta Loving You - an old fashioned slow rock song with some very teasing innuedo. Quite good.

8 / 10

Fantastic album - not their best but some of the songs on it have rocketed sraight into my all time favs.

Rating: 9/10

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