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"Bounce" Review 3 October 2002


A review by Richie /

OK, as all the others, I'll give a brief explanation of my opinion of this album.

1) Undivided, is like I believe (for me the second best BJ song ever). It contains lots of emtotion, it's catchy chorus is great and the power 10+/10

2) Everyday, is very cool and heavy, I think this will do great live on stage. 8/10

3) Misunderstood, great riffs and melodic chrous, another great metal ritm. 8,5/10

4) Joey, what can we say? Not that bad, nice bed-time story. Nice piano, but not that catchy. 7/10

5) The Distance, again great song. Nice chorus! 9/10

6) All about loving you, best ballad after Bed of Roses. It's not like the These Days ballads, but very nice and emotional anyway. 9,5/10

7) Right side of wrong, nice cowboy ballad. Good solo in it even though it's one of the exclusive solos on the album. 8,5/10

8) Love me back to live, didn't like it from the start, but after some time, I began to like it. Good chorus 7/10

9) You had me from hello, silly song, though it contains nice riffs. 7/10

10) Bounce, very good song. The second best, nice riffs. A disadvantage is that the number is quite the same as One wild night 10/10

11) Open all night, nice finisher. Nice emotional song, but after the enders of These days, slippery etc. it's the same old again. 8/10

They came back with more power, more emotion, better songs. Basically, everything is better.....

Rating: 9/10

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