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"Bounce" Review 4 October 2002
In Defence of "Bounce"

Bon Jovi are back on the right track!

A review by Peter ( /

OK, here we go, my first review of a BJ album since my These Days review :) Fasten your seatbelts, you might not like some of the things written here. But in general, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by this album, lightyears better than CRUSH, I'd even say it's one of TOP 3 Bon Jovi albums ever. Can't beat These Days, but maybe it can compete with with Keep the Faith. If this album had the tracklisting I'll write at the end of the review, this would come really really close to These Days... so, here we go:

I don't like loud songs, unless they have certain nontrivial feelings hidden inside them. There are quite a few loud songs on Bounce, Undivided is one of them, but this one is loud in a drycountyesque style. It's a song of sorrow and determination, about findings good things in the worst that can happen. The final 30 seconds of the song brings the unexpected slow and gentle part of the song, which is one of the highlights of this album for me... 8/10

I don't know why many people don't like this song. It doesn't sound IML-like to me, IML was a summer song. Everyday is not. IML was about living live just because, Everyday is about finding a way out of hard times. They are both positive, but I feel Everyday also has a deeper reason for the determination, and IML is quite shallow from this point of view. I also like the fact that this song is soooo short. I think everything that needs to be said in this song is being said in these three minutes. 8/10

This song completes what I think is the strongest set of album opening songs in Bon Jovi history. I like it when bands try to reinvent themselves and do something fresh and new, and this song sounds unlike anything I've heard before from Bon Jovi. It has some DA feel in it, but it still is something new from Bon Jovi. Very good lyrics, perhaps the best chorus on the record. The song is a bit long, but it doesn't get boring. Way to go! 9/10

I'd replace this song with one of "Everyday" B-sides. I don't know, I don't know... The song becomes listenable with time, but the lyrics are just awful. And the song is so boring that you can't help it, you NEED to pay attention to the lyrics. Unfortunately. The only part I like it the one that starts with "Come on, come on, come on, What you gonna do with your life? ... Chasing sparks in the nights", the rest is a good example of pointless shallow trivial lyrics that cause people to laugh at BJ and BJ-fans. 4/10

This could've been on DA, but I liked that album A LOT, so I don't mind this song being here. Good intro, a catchy one! Decent chorus, very radio-friendy song in general. Should be a good single. We'll see. I like the lyrics. Nothing bad to say about this song, but still it lacks something that would make it really special. 8/10

Why don't you people like this one??? After first few days of experiencing Bounce, I only liked two songs. The Distance and this one. All About Loving You is a simple ballad, but a really effective one. It's probably not noisy enough for most of the fans, and people who don't like it probably miss Richie's guitar work. But Bounce is a straightforward album. No epic songs, no way-too-extented ballads with cheesy lyrics. All About Loving You is simple, straightforward, sincere. Why complicate when you can pass the message through in less than 4 minutes? Best ballad since TAIL. TYFLM was the crappiest ever! 8/10

Nice start, but I needed quite some time to get to like the song. It reminds me of some other song by some other artist, but can't remember which one... I don't have much to say about the song, it's pretty unique but there are better songs on this album. 7/10

Hmmm.. is is just me or this song really doesn't fit in here? It's a mediocre song, could be listenable in certain conditions, but here is seems too long, too out of line, out of place. I have nothing more to say about it and it's almost 6 minutes long! 5/10

Yeah! Great great intro, followed by decent lyrics, and a really catchy chorus which makes the song one of better ones on this album. And the second part of the song guitar solo and the slowdown) is absolutely amazing. I needed some time to get to like this song, but now it's one of my favs off "Bounce"! 9/10.

A gentle ballad. I like such songs. But does it fit on Bounce? Maybe, maybe not. Nice lyrics, not cheesy. Not long, but still gets a bit boring. Maybe I'm not in mood for this song. No major complaints here. I'll give it a 6/10.

Uh-oh. Now this is a typical songs that everyone will like, except me of course. No soul in here, no depth at all. The least intelligent song on the album. The sound is quite alright, but the songs is just for bouncing around and we've got sooooo many similar songs out there, by BJ and lots of other artists... one of the worst three songs on the album. Oh, I don't like the album title, I forgot to mention that :) 4/10

Ok, what a terrible way to end the album. I have nothing to say about this song, one ballad too much. 4/10

And now.... some of the B-SIDES that should have been on the album, if you ask me:

My favorite Bounce-era song so far! Doesn't soung like Bon Jovi, but this is exactly what I want from the band. To do something different from time to time! This could also be on Jon's Destination Anywhere - the way Jon is using his voice here an on Misunderstood reminds me of his last solo effort. What's special about Breathe: good lyrics, not exactly a feel good song, but still has a very positive feeling in it. 10/10 is reserved for songs like Dry County, so it's 9/10!

Wow, that intro! Totally unlike usual BJ intros! Has some 80s feel in it, I think. The build-up toward the chorus is fantastic and the chorus is really powerful. Interesting combination of a loud&fast chorus and relatively slow verses in between! These B-sides are really unique, each in its own way! Incredibly cool song! 8/10

Too bad they probably has to choose between this song and Undivided as two obvious 9/11 songs would be too much. It's a really special song, kind of reminds me of Save A Prayer. 7/10

I bet the majority of fans think this song is boooooring, it has no obvious chorus, but this is a type of a song that I like instantly! Very listenable. Something different from Bon Jovi once again. Why are all these songs only B-sides! 8/10

And here's myBOUNCE tracklisting... if I could decide which songs to put on the album, I'd say:

1. Another Reason To Believe
2. Everyday
3. The Distance
4. Love Me Back To Life
5. All About Loving You
6. You Had Me From Hello
7. We Can Dance
8. Breathe
9. Misunderstood
10. No Regrets
11. Hook Me Up
12. Undivided

Rating: 7/10

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