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"Bounce" Review 9 October 2002
First Bounce

My first day listening to this album; my thoughts

A review by Bluesman09 /

I just got the CD today at and I'm just going to drop down a few of my initial reactions and try to put in another review in a month. Jovi CD's always impact me differently after time goes by.

1) Undivided. 9/10. A great track. I love the ending. I do hope that this song is a single. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Obviously 9/11 inspired.

2) Everyday. 10/10. This song is pure genius. It's a musical representation of 9/11 and the feelings of some fictional person before and after the crash. There is a "musical explosion" after the first chorus and you can tell that the tone of the lyrics change afterwards. There is also a creepy hush. If you apply the lyrics of this song to 9/11, the images just jump out at you and it is very eerie. An amazing song.

3) The Distance. 10/10. Probably my favorite song on the album right now. The lyrics are amazing. I don't know if this song was intended to be another 9/11 reference, but if you apply it that way (red dress--a dress covered in blood) this song becomes a promise from a man to a woman that is no longer in this world. The song becomes exponentially more potent. The music, the vocals, the lyrics in this song are amazing. Although it sounds a bit like Creed (I don't like Creed), I can't get enough of this song. I really hope this song is released as a single. It's amazing.

4) Joey. 6/10. I'm not a huge fan of this song, though it is growing on me a little bit. Everything works OK, it's just boring, and doesn't inspire me. It just feels awkward, maybe a little unfinished.

5) Misunderstood 7/10. A decent song...I don't know if I'd release this a sa second single. It's got a good chorus, reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia a little bit. The lyrics are interesting. This is a song that will probably grow on me.

6) All about lovin you. 5/10. I really didn't like this song. It's really silly and sappy. So many better B-sides...

7) Hook me up 10/10. OK, another amazing song. Great lyrics--great guitar--could it be that Bon Jovi are getting hard as the years go by? A song about a guy stuck in the middle of a warzone who found an old ham-radio to communicate to the outside world with. The music reflects this song impecably. The sounds of war in the beginnig contrsted by the quiet and relative peace of the building the guy is in that start the verse off. I love the ending--it is complete genius. Makes me think the guy didn't make it, although there is nothing definite about it.

8) Right side of Wrong 4/10. Yuck. Well, I didn't like this one. It also just sounds awkward and unfinished. Like I said before--so many good B-sides...

9) Love Me Back to Life. 9/10. I really like this song. A straight up power ballad, but it's great. Very singable. Crank this one up.

10) You had me from hello. 7/10. This one's OK. A bit sappy, but I like the acousticness of will probably grow on me a bit.

11) Bounce 9/10. A very fun song. The production is great on this song. You have to throw the headhpones on to listen to this one. Very catchy, though the lyrics are rather silly.

12) Open All Night 7/10. This song is also OK. I really wish they had finished the album with more of an upper. I know what they were tryign to doing, but this song just wasn't good enough to end the album with.

OK, this is a great CD--probably my favorite after These Days. The guitars are great. I love the change of styles that Bon Jovi always has. A constant musical evolution. The gems on this CD are obviously the heavier songs. I'm still not sure why they need to put so many ballads on their ablums--or at least why they don't take the superior B-sides they always have. However, besides those imperfections, there is an amazing freshness on this album that is very contagious and very encouraging. I can't wait for the next CD (and I just got this one. You have to listen to this CD cranked--it just doesn't groove at any lesser volumes. Also, listen to this CD with headphones on because the production is so good that you will actually miss a ton of very subtle and beautiful musical embellishments. A fantastic effort, guys. I'd encourage you guys to email me with your thoughts on, well, my thoughts. -TK

Rating: 9/10

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