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"Bounce" Review 9 October 2002
Bounce... Back to KTF era?

Bounce... After 3 listening!

A review by Caroline Marie /

One thing that is missing (IMHO) are long solos... Like on KTF or some These Days songs. Short songs are good for the radio but for an album...! Could have been a better album if the ballads were better... But it's worth buying! :)

Here's my track-by-track review after 3 listening of the whole album.

Undivided: Catchy song (especially the chorus). Back to the KTF era! Reference to the 9/11 events, I presume... Good song to startup the album. 10/10

Everyday: First time I heard it, I found it sounded too much like IML. But now I can't stop listening to it! 10/10

The Distance: Nice little song... But there's something with the chorus that bugs me... 7/10

Joey: First time I heard it, it made me think of Levon (Elton John and also performed by BJ). Though I love BJ's version of Levon, I have some problems with Joey. 4/10

Misunderstood: Nice song... Nothing more to say about it. 8/10

All About Loving You: Hum... I usually like BJ ballads and love songs but this one?? I don't know... 5/10

Hook Me Up: Hard guitar as Undivided... Like it. 8/10

Right Side Of Wrong: Like All About Loving You... Even worse. Story telling can be nice, but this one..? Nope. 3/10

Love Me Back To Life: I like it! 8/10

You Had Me From Hello: The band had some problems to make good ballads on this album (IMHO)... I miss the old Always, Bed of Roses, TALS, etc. 5/10

Bounce: Cool song, too! 8/10

Open All Night: By the title, I thought it would be another hard rock song... But it's another ballad! But this time, I really like it... And personally, I like albums finishing with ballads... :) 8/10

Another thing I want to say is that the track listing seems quite strange to me... Everyday should have been first and Bounce should have been on the A-side... And without Joey, All About Loving You, Right Side of Wrong and You Had Me From Hello, the album would have earned at least a 8.5 as overall rating. They seem to have lost the touch to write nice love songs. TYFLM was nice on Crush and Open All Night is nice on Bounce but except that...!!

Many songs remind me of the KTF era, which is back when I started listening to the band... Brings back some good memories! :)

Rating: 7/10

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