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"Keep The Faith" Review 9 October 2002
First album ever bought, still my #1!

Keep The Faith... Still good 10 years later!

A review by Caroline Marie /

I fell in love with Bed Of Roses video back on February 1993 and bought the album the day after I watched it. I had never heard of BJ before (I was 12 back then and didn't listen much to English music - I didn't understand the lyrics and I hated not to understand them) but I totally fell in love with their music!

This is for me my #1 BJ album ever.


I Believe: I had a hard time at first listening to it and I hated the video but yet, it's a good song! 8/10

Keep The Faith: A classic. Need to say more? :) 10/10

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: Funny little song that you can easily sing along. 10/10

In These Arms: There again, it took a while to like it. 8/10

Bed Of Roses: This is THE Bon Jovi song I've heard million of times and have loved since day 1! I also love Cama De Rosas (Spanish version). 20/10 ;)

If I Was Your Mother: Another song with which I had some problems at first... Hard guitar, not so bad lyrics, I guess... 7/10

Dry County: Long song but worth listening!! 10/10

Woman In Love: I still have some problems with this one... Cute little story. 6/10

I Want You: I've heard better love songs... Just okay. 7/10

Fear: I hated on the first day and I hate it today. 3/10

Blame It On The Love Of Rock and Roll: Funny sing along song, as I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. 8/10

Little Bit Of Soul: Nice way to end the album! 8/10

Rating: 9/10

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