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"Bounce" Review 9 October 2002
BJ steps it up with this album

A review by kevos /

Great album, reminded me of a cross of These Days and Crush. Definitely a step up from Crush.

1. Undivided- powerful lyrics within their context, Tico and Richie rock on this track. Not as strong an opener as seems people are saying- it'sdefinitely no Let it Rock.


2. Everyday- first song I heard from the album, an instant favorite, lyrics are great- very catchy. Reminds me of something off of SWW (probably because of the synthesizer and talk box).


3. The Distance- wow, awesome guitars by Richie. This song gets stuck in my head often. Beginning reminds me of something from Creed, but once the chorus kicks in I totally feel this song as something like songs of These Days. Love this one.


4. Joey- Do not like this song one bit, lyrics are horrible (Jon you can do better). I like the opening piano, that's about it. Could have gone without this one.


5. Misunderstood- This is not one of my favorites, I question their making it their second single. Sounds like something off of Destination Anywhere. Lyrics have social significance, maybe Jon's best sounding vocal song on the album. I wish Richie's guitar solo was a little more powerful too.


6. All About Loving You- Typical BJ ballad, and I am definitely a fan of their power ballads in the past. This one is no different. I was a fan of Thank You... from crush, but this is much better- especially musically. This song can set a mood- not as well as Bed of Roses, but is quite moving. Chalk up another hit ballad for BJ, look for it to be made into a single soon.


7. Hook Me Up- I read on someone else's review that this song sonds Metalica-esque- cannot agree more. This song just rocks- Richie is amazing, Jon's vocals are great. This song really shows that the band is able to create a great rocking song with a contemporary feel. Love this one, turn it up in my car every time.


8. Right Side of Wrong- Did not like this one at first, began to grow on me though. Though I don't usually like "story" lyrics, I actually like them in this song. "Just like Butch and Sundance, we'll ride into the dawn, sipping whiskey, singing cowboy songs"- trying to keep the cowboy tradition in their songs. Song's a bit long, would have rather have heard the "twangy" guitars like in Wanted... but Richie's solo at the end of the song is the best guitars on the album.


9. Love Me Back to Life- Maybe my favorite song on the album. Song really shows that BJ can rock in the next century. Guitars rock, chorous is powerful. Love this one, guitar solo is great in this one too toward song's end.


10. You Had Me At Hello- Immediately realized connection to Jerry Maguire line. Vocals are great, the emotion just isn't there for me in this song. Seems like song might fit better at end of Crush than this album. Chorous isn't horrible though, definitely listenable.


11. Bounce- whoa! Would this song not fit perfectly on NJ or SWW. Catchiest lyrics on album, song rocks best on album too. Simple song lyrically, complex song musically- love it. This is what I'm talking about, will be a radio hit.


12. Open All Night- Sounds like a Bryan Adams song sort of. I like it, it's simple. Do not like them ending with this one though. For this album they needed to end with something powerful, a la SWW with Wild in the Streets. Maybe one ballad too many on this album. Not a bad song though- good vocals by Jon.


All in all, I like this album alot- It's not in the same category with SWW, NJ, or TD, but I would put it right with KTF as the next best. I would have gone with a more BJ typical cowboy song than Right Side of Wrong- replace You Had Me.. probably with a song similar to Stick to Your Guns or the like. Also would take off Joey and go with a simple song with big guitars to the album strong- either a song like Raise Your Hands or mabey one like Wild in the Wind, I don't know but something strong right behind Bounce. Good Stuff though.

Album Rating: 9/10

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