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"Bounce" Review 12 October 2002
The good and bad of bounce

Better than most

A review by Steppin /

With all of the albums bon Jovi put out over time. They basically tried to stick to the same formula which as worked well for them. A couple of songs over time we could have lived without. But most of them are and will become classics over time.

Bounce song review

1)"Undivided"- An excellent song with excellent music. They might have used to much technology with some of the lines. But overall a great song. With a memorable chorus and a memorable opening. This is one of the better songs on the album.

2)"Everyday"- This is the lead single on the album. Some people call it "It's MY Life" 2. I dissagree. This is an excellent song. But it has a different feel than "It's My Life". (Now don't get me wrong "It's My Life" is my favorite bon Jovi song) but "everyday" has its own sound that rocks with a catchy phrase and great music. But the music Video isn't that good.

3) "This Distance" A song that could mean so many things. Such as when Jon sings about Woman in the red dress. It could mean blood from September 11th. But I could also be streching it a little. Or the dark clouds and the woman reaching. It could also be related to the dark clouds from all of the smoke and dust from the WTC. But Like I said the song could mean so many things. But with the way that I see it. I think it is a great song lyrically.

4) "Joey"- Now this song took some time to get used to. It has a great piano opening. by david bryan. And the music is great. The lyrics at first seemed to be missing something. But as you keep listening to it. The lyrics begin to tell a good story and gets a little catchy. But could have been better.

5) "Misunderstood"- What may be the next single on the album. It seems to be missing something. Although it has a good sound. Its missing that single mentality. And I believe if they need to go with a love song next for a single. The should go with either a ballad like "all About Lovin' You" or a rock love song like "Love Me Back To Life". But over all "Misunderstood" is a good song which did for this album what "Next 100 years" did for Crush.

6) "all About Lovin' You" Its a excellent love song. And the best love song ballad on this album. It could be the next big wedding song of the year. It has a great melody. And an excellent chorus. And should do very well as a single. But what do I know I am the one that thought "Thank you for loving me" was an excellent love song on there Crush album.

7) "Hook Me Up"- It simply has the best bon jovi intro Iv'e heard in a while. It has good lyrics to go along with great music.

8) "Right Side Of Wrong"- Well Jon is singing and writing about cowboy songs again. Wich he has been doing since 1986 with "Wanted Dead or Alive" and 1988 "Stick To Your Guns" And 1990 Young guns blaze of glory album. But hasn't done one since until now. But it is a great song with excellent story to tell. THe lyrics and music are excellent.

9) "love me back to life"- An excellent love rock song. The best love rock song on the album. It has a very catchy lyrics with excellent music. It sort of reminds me of a credd song. But with a bon Jovi twist. I think it should do extremely well as a single.

10) "You had me from hello"- Ok well we heard the good for the album heres the bad. It is missing something. It lacks emotion. And it just goes now where. It's slowly growing on me so I dont totally hate it but its not good for this album. So I feel they should have went with a better song Maybe "Crying" or "Breathe" Which I've benn hearing good stuff about.

11) "Bounce" The Titled song of the album. Its a excellent song with excellent music. Excellent lyrics. And I can imagine a great Music video for this song. Its got a great strong cacthy phrase in it. And I like how he doesnt finish the line. "It aint carma, it aint luck, Me I just dont give a ". It makes it playable for radio and TV. And Lets the imagination of the listener to finish the line for them.

12) "Open All Night" I'm sure they has to have a better song than this somewhere. It's not a song that can end an album in my opinion. They should have went with a rock song to end the album. Now I know Jon And Richie want to use the title Open all night for some time. But they should have went with a better song. Cause this song has no emotion and just never goes anywhere. This song is barely growing on me.

Over all I think its a excellent album with two song that I could live without. But overall I think its a great story telling album. With some cacthy memorable songs. Album Review

Rating: 10/10

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