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"Bounce" Review 14 October 2002


A review by SpainSambora /

First, a question. Why in Spain Bounce is not being advertised? Incredible, the second position! Without publicity.

A great album for me. Only a thing, I want more Richieīs solo in the album. More guitar! Song by Song

1.Undivided: A excellent song to begin the album. 11-s, rock... Great 9/10

2. Everyday: The first single. Very good song, "Goodbye to all those rainy nights". Great! 9/10

3. The distance: For me, the best. Everybody, keep the faith 10/10

4. Joey: I dislike that. I know there are people who like that song, but for me, Itīs weak. This song remember me songs as Mistery train, Save the world...Not the best Bon Jovi 5/10

5. Misunderstood: Chewing gum (soy espaņol, no se si me explico con claridad). The worst song, in my opinion. 4/10

&. All about lovinīyou: A ballad. NOt the strong of "Iīll be there for you" but that is one of the best song of the history. Itīs good, not their best ballad, but well. 7/10

7. Hook me up: Finally, uau! This is ROCK.This is Bon Jovi. POWERFUL. RECOMMENDED. 9/10

8. Right side of wrong: No, no, no. Very long! (my best song is Dry COunty) Better that Misundestood, at least 6/10

9. Love back to life: This song do justice to Bon Jovi. A step in the correct direction. 8/10

10. You had me from hello: Well, there are 4 songs that leave me cold. This is one of this songs. 7/10

11. Bounce: The second single, please! This is the other best song of the album. Jon, Richie, Tico, David, Hugh. Bon Jovi. World hear that! 10/10

12. Open all night: The best ballad of this album. As "thank you for loving me", ballads that will be always in my mind 10/10

In short, better than Crush, but not as Keep the faith (the best rock album of the history). Buy it, itīs bon jovi, itīs good. (8/10)

Rating: 8/10

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