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"Bounce" Review 14 October 2002
What they're all about . . .

A review by Lisa /

As the obsessed fan I am, I bought Bounce on my lunch break from school the day it came out, then isolated myself for 45 minutes to listen to the CD before going back to class.

So, I've had the CD for about a week now and love it like every other Bon Jovi CD I own. This CD is what Bon Jovi is all about - heart-felt Ballads and empowering, stand-up-and-shout, rock 'n roll songs.

"Undivided", "Everyday", and "Bounce" are the kind of songs that people like myself will stand on their bed, in PJ's with a hairbrush and sing with, pretending to be infront of millions of people. They're songs that give you that feeling that you can do whatever the hell you want and as long as you've got Jon signing with you, and hell - you can do it today! They're the songs that relate to everyone, and mean something slightly different to whom ever is listening.

Then there are the songs like "All About Lovin You", "You Had Me From Hello" and "Love Me Back To Life." These songs are the "Always" and "Bed Of Roses" of the new millenium. They are heart-felt, love songs that give you that surge of energy that makes you want to cry but gives you a comforting feeling that makes you smile. These songs are the ones you want to fall asleep to, hearing the farmiliar scratch of Jon's voice and Richie's impressive guitar playing.

Finally, you've got the "Misunderstood" and "Joey" style songs that are not ballads nor rocker style tunes. They're the songs that have a deeper meaning than people pick up when they first read the lyrics, or hear the song.
Bounce is created the same way the rest of the Bon Jovi albums were made and that's what makes it great. Bon Jovi hasn't changed a thing, which is why they have survived the hair-bands, the boy-bands, grunge-bands, and those strange rappers who always seem angry and call themselves 'musicians.' Not to mention the on rush of the punk world. Bon Jovi's gone through it all, not changing a thing. Jon still has the same scratch in his voice he had in "Runaway" and Richie is still belting out the magical guitar solos and this time around they're doing it with nothing to prove, no one to impress. The fans have only one thing to say, "Keep rockin on boys!"

Bon Jovi is the music that got you through that break up and showed you how to love again. It's the music that made you say, "I can do that!" They made the songs that you made love to in the back seat of your car, they got you through high school, through parents, through life. That's why we love'em. Bounce is once more album that we can add to the soundtrack of our lives as we move forward in this alien, unfarmiliar world.

The bottom line, Bounce has the same drive as Slippery, the same feeling as Faith and that something indescribable that makes these Jersey boys something bigger than they'll ever know. It makes them rock stars.

Rating: 9/10

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