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"Bounce" Review 16 October 2002

Great Album!!!

A review by ivan christian /

Yess!!! Finally this is what i've been waiting for..i got the BJ's new album and it's worth to wait.

When i heard BJ's new single "everyday" at the radio i was thinking... man this is different but they're getting better and "loaded" even though it's much like "it's my life" i think. Then i went to the nearest music store and i bought one.. then i was shocked when i heard UNDIVIDED.. cause it doesn't sound like BJ's style at all but it's great though.. seems to me they're getting rich in music arrangement. And from the entire album, i got stunned by BOUNCE which is "so connected" to my ear and it didn't take too long for me to enjoy it. The distance that makes me shout and said "close your eyes and see my blue skies breaking through the dark na na AWeSOME!!Love me back to comes another rock ballad that sounds like "Something for the pain" i guess but it's become my favourite.

Finally what i'm trying to say is this is what i called "SOUND EDUCATION" because now they're trying to show us that they're not young anymore and it goes with their's getting rich with lots of arrangement,sounds, loaded lyrics and i think BOUNCE is an album with something special..IT's GREAT REALLY!

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