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"Crush" Review 14 June 2000
Album review


A review by Vince /

I had the oddest feeling after listening to this album the first time-- different than all other albums. For the first time, I liked the later songs better than the first ones (with the exception of "It's My Life"). The songs are growing on me, but far different than what I expected. "Thank You For Loving Me" isn't as strong as I thought it'd be. "Just Older" is a classic Jersey rock song and I actually like "Mystery Train" a lot. "Save the World" has a great chorus but the verses are weak (for BJ standards). The only thing I really question is the production team -- the album misses Bruce Fairbain's final touches it seems -- this review may sound harsh but I really am a huge fan. And I'll still attend a bunch of shows (I was at the Tradewinds show) like always. I recently saw an interview in which Jon said he sacrificed "hits" with songs he'll be able to sing night after night after night-- I respect that. Unfortunately, the album lacks the huge hits of past albums, but it's tough for BJ to continue to out-do itself, so it's understood.

Rating: 8/10

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