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"Bounce" Review 18 October 2002

A review by Tommigun /

I believe Bounce is one of Bon Jovi's better albums! I would rate Slippery when Wet and New Jersey better than Bounce, and tied with These Days.

1. Undivided- I would have made this their first single, how can you not the album is coming out in the 9/11 one year anniversary, and this song is all about 9/11. This is one of Bon Jovi's most powerful songs ever, it sounds a little bit like Korn. It would even be better if the song started out slow and then hard rock and back to slow like they did in concert at Times Square. If this was the first single we would have a # 1 album in the U.S. instead of #2 right now. When I first heard this song in concert, it just blew me away. Now Iím afraid that they wonít make this a single at all because both songs are about 9/11. 9 of 10

2. Everyday- I think someone dropped the ball on this one, for making it the first single. It's a good song but there is something missing, there is no emotion to it. Same with the video, it reminds me of It's my Life which is a good song, but you shouldn't try to repeat history. They don't even play this song on the radio in NY/NJ and this is where their from! 7 of 10

3. The Distance- This song reminds me a little of Creed, which is a good thing. I like the song a lot, but I donít think they should make this the next single. For me its kind of hard to understand the lyrics. For some reason it reminds me of the Next 100 Years from Crush. 9 of 10

4. Joey- At first I didnít like this song at all, but it has grown on me. I really like the piano playing by David . I try to pay attention to the story, but for some reason in the middle of this song, I start to stop paying attention to the story and just listen to the music. 6 of 10

5. Misunderstood- Are you kidding me, this is the next single! What are they listening to, what kind of drugs is Jon on if this is the 2nd single!! This is like when Jon told Richie that Living on a prayer wouldnít be a hit!!! Iíve been a Bon Jovi fan for 20 years, if this is the next single in the U.S. I will never listen to Bon Jovi again!!!! After all that ranting, I still think that this is a OK song. I can relate to this song because my wife always misunderstands me. 7 of 10

6. All about loving you- This is a good song, but it reminds me of Thank you for loving me. Itís a typical Bon Jovi ballad. 8 of 10

7. Hook me up- Great song, but it is a rip off of a 80ís song. I canít think of the bands name, but who cares its a excellent song. These teenagers donít remember songs from the 80ís anyway. Love the ending also. . 9 of 10

8. Right side of wrong- Has a good story to it, and music is well played. I think Bon Jovi should have one of these type of cowboy songs on all of their albums. 8 of 10

9. Love me back to life- Another great song, except Iím not sure if its radio material to be the next single. Itís a love song, that Rocks! I enjoy listening to this song a lot. 9 of 10

10. You had me from hello- If they are planning to have a ballad for their next single, then this is it. I know your saying " What are you nuts" but it reminds me a lot of a Eric Clapton song, which is a good thing. They donít play many ballads on the radio that sound like this. It would be something refreshing for people to listen to. As of right now, this is my favorite song to listen to. 9 of 10

11. Bounce- I like this song. But donít think this should be the next single either, because its too much Bon Jovi music. Bon Jovi fans like this song a lot and its a great song for their concerts, but people who are not Fans will think the lyrics are to repetitious . The one thing I donít like about the song is when Jon says " I like it rough" he sounds like a fag. I like the part when they donít curse. 8 of 10

12. Open all night- Again a OK song has a good melody, but is just too soft. Would have never ended the album with this song. What kind of lyric is "I got your taste in the back of my mouth, I want to reach in and pull it out", thatís disgusting! 7 of 10

Overall I think this is a very good album, I just hope it does well in sales! So, I can laugh at all Bon Jovi haters! Another good thing is that they have a lot of new songs for their concerts, Iím starting to get sick of hearing all of their old songs.

Rating: 8/10

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