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"Bounce" Review 19 October 2002

A review by Greg

This album is pretty damn good. It's by far the best album to listen to after 911, it's the most powerful album Bon Jovi has ever done and I could imagine 8 of the 12 songs on the album becoming hit singles. However, the album did contain some things that bothered me.

Undivided: All the makings of a Bon Jovi classic. The guitar riffs sound amazingly like Weezer's "Hash Pipe" though, but that's a good thing. The last few seconds of the song are done perfectly. One of the band's best songs. 9/10

Everyday: I don't like the lyrics, and I don't think it deserves to be the first single off the album. For some reason, my opinion on this song differs from time to time. Sometimes I listen to it I think it's amazing, other times I feel it's absolute crap. Either way, still a solid track. 7/10

The Distance: Is it just me, or was this song practically made for a Rocky soundtrack? "I'll never give up the fight, I'll go the distance". Usually Bon Jovi's lyrics are a turn off, but this song contains pretty fair lyrics. Very catchy chorus. One of the stronger tracks on the album. 8/10

Joey: I like this. Jon's finally putting storytelling in his music again. I compare this to Livin' on a Prayer, and notice that his stories never seem to be resolved. He always leaves a glimmer of hope at the end. "It's time for Joey Keys to do some good, pick the lock off our lives like we always said we would." It's been years since David Bryan has really had a chance to show off his keyboard playing, he does in this song. Uplifting song, quite good. 8/10

Misunderstood: This song annoys the hell out of me. I don't understand the meaning of the lyrics at all and Jon's singing sounds pathetic. One of the weaker tracks. 6/10

All About Lovin' You: Ugh. Sounds like a badly rehashed "Never Say Goodbye". I was playing the two songs at the same time and they sound practically identical with different lyrics. Bon Jovi has been a band that has reshaped itself over the years and every one of their songs have sounded different from each other, giving us a unique musical experience album after album. This song is a disgrace. 5/10

Hook Me Up: Just as the album is going downhill, Hook Me Up comes along and saves it. Sambora's guitar playing has changed, as shown in this track. It's hard rock, it's got a great sounding chrous, and it's just plain awesome. I don't think the band is going to make this a single but I think it just has to be. 9/10

Right Side Of Wrong: It's hard to rate songs like this. This might be the best set of lyrics the band has ever written, though the music can't back it up. Oh well. 7/10

Love Me Back To Life: This ain't a ballad, although the title sounds like it. It's so powerful, everything is so perfect in the song. Represents the band's very best work. 9/10

You Had Me From Hello: First minute of the song is heaven. The chorus is pathetic, it has no melody to it at all and it just ruins what would be an instant smash hit. It screams Matchbox Twenty, which isn't a bad thing. If you skip the chrous every time, I'm going so far as to say it beats out "Always" as Bon Jovi's best ballad. 8/10

Bounce: ROCK. This is what we've always wanted since Bon Jovi has softened. Something that simply rocks. I love it. Except for the lyrics, this song is amazing. 9/10

Open All Night: Don't know what to say about this song. It shouldn't even be on this album. 5/10

Rating: 8/10

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