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"Bounce" Review 21 October 2002
Bounce.....Another Masterpeice

This new album is great.

A review by Santa Fe Steve

Lets start with "Undidvided"...I really don't care to much for this song. It sounds too techno to me, and I think the arrangement could of been somewhat better. It does have great lyrics...but since it is a 9/11 song, I could have stood a little more slow emotion instead of a rocker.

"Everyday" The band's first single. I do love this one. It's a great sing-a-long tune in your car.

"The Distance" I do like this one. It sounds like a Creed song from the intro. The lyrics are cool and the chrous is catchy.

"Joey" It took a little while for this one to grow on me, but it turns out to be a great story. Great piano work by David Bryan.

"Misunderstood' I sing alot of karaoke, and I pray they release this one. I would really love to do this one. This is a great song.

"All About Loving You" This has to be a "Never Say Goodbye Part 2" It is written very well, the entire arrangement is awsome.

"Hook Me Up" Great show opener! I do love this intro. I don't care too much for the song, but this one does rock.

"Right Side of Wrong" I find myself playing this song more and more. I love the lyrics. It's really a sad song in a way. Richie's solo is simple but poetic. This song would make a great video.

"Love me Bak to Life" I do like this one but it did have to grow on me.

"You Had Me From Hello" This is a very sensitive song with all sensitivity directed to the female. Women will love this song.

"Bounce" This song rocks! I love it! Not too much more I can say.

"Open All Night" I love the way Jon relates a bar to a woman than to himself in the third person. He is a master at the style of writing. Women will also salivate over this one.

All in all I think this album takes Crush to school. Crush was good but this one wins hands down.

Rating: 10/10

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