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"Bounce" Review 22 October 2002
New style

Looking forward to your comments

A review by Rob /

before I get started, I want to make explicitly clear that this album is good! BUT the same old "C, Bm, F" feel is written all over crush and bounce <<< makes it easier for us to play Richie; and for the guitarists out there you will find that Bounce is a technical album; with lots of overlays which add to the content and make it a good album!

First of all let me start at the top,

Undivided - This is done in amazing taste and a brilliant taste to the souls that lost their lives on that tragic, it makes me feel all warm inside to sing along to this one, being half american I feel attached to this song. The solo has that feel of soul yet is still rocky whilst Jon and Richie's Harmonising make the chorus. The whole world would see this in good taste and I hope that you would agree with my feelings! << WELL DONE!! I saw it live at the Wembley Arena and you guys still Rock << and i hope that you keep going!!!

Everyday << That riff is amazing! We love it! duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh (quavers), Duh-duh-duh (crochets), (on A). I enjoy playing along to each of the songs, but love the use of unison bends in the solo - it's a bitch to learn but it sounds gr8! Well done << a good well rounded song!

The Distance << Written (I guess) in winter 2001; Jon thinks about the world and his life reflecting back to when he was young. Flashing back to reality, thinking about the love he feels for his wife; using the anology of a train to keep himself going. < a reminder to those of his critics that he'll always be back.

Joey << Same sort of feeling as the "Jimmy" which came from the past 20 years, featuring on These Days, Someday I'll be Saturday nighte, and One Wild Night. Although this song is more personal to those out there who need picking up and reminding himself how he came from a cleaner to an International Rock star << neone can be anything they want to be as long as you work hard for it!

Misunderstood << Well i love the chorus and very well written but thats it i guess, you can't say much more it's all self explanitory

All About Lovin' You << This is the CLASSIC ballad, nicely done lads, reminising over his life; the feelings of "Rosie" (RS ABLUM - STRANGER IN THIS TOWN) that he wrote and then realising what she means to him. A very loving pair (RS, JB) the lyrics they write are inspirational to us all and this world needs more love in it! << Keep writing them!

Hook Me Up << Right Side of Wrong << Love Me Back to Life << are all a series of events leading from one to the other! The bon jovi boys have done well with all three of these songs although the solo's are a bit dull and.. SHORT the song's have an amazing sense of understanding and love WELL DONE!!!

You Had Me From Hello << Sorry but i've got to say this Richie, how many times are you going to use that A to C chord change with the hammer on and pull off! Twice on Stranger in the Town (Mr Bluesman) and once on Undiscovered Soul and now here!!!!! But what the heck it sounds good!!! a good well rounded love song and who am i to talk i can't do any better so just go love it! Although it reminds me of Wonderful Tonight, i.e. the story of the song << listen to it and see what you think!

BOUNCE << The title track (A RE-HASH OF It's My Life) for all of those who can't hear it; although the song is gr8, we could do with a bit of originality in the chord sequences; a good athem though and I really liked it!

Open All Night << Well the last one! A love song to describe his love for anything and everyone who needs it, who's close to him! Well done again!!! and i look forward to the next tour (Summer 2003).

See you in Cardiff JB,RS,DB,TT BYE BYE!

PS If you haven't bought the album... well you need a brain transplant because it is amazing!!!!!!! Listen to it in order! and you will love it!

See ya! Rob

Rating: 10/10

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