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"Bounce" Review 4 November 2002
'Album of the Year'

If you are looking for the album of the year check this out!!!! It doesn't get better than this!!!!

A review by Mark /

This ain't no ordinary Bon Jovi CD, It's their best work to date and I think people should take notice and listen, because I don't think you'll get a better album this year. From the first song 'Undivided' to the Last 'Postcard from Wasteland' you are hook. There is no album this year that could contest this one. I think it's a great album with a great mix of Rockers like 'Undivided', 'Everyday', 'Hook me Up', 'No regrets' and 'Bounce', along with Great ballards like 'You had me from Hello' (This should be a single), 'All about lovin' you', 'Love me back to life' & 'Open all night' and then there is songs with great meaning and about the way of life 'Joey', 'The Distance' (should be another single), 'Misunderstood' & 'The right side of wrong'(Great song) and still songs like 'Another reason to believe', 'Breathe' and 'We can Dance' couldn't make the cut and these are great songs and should have been there. Although there didn't have a 'One Wild Night' OR a 'You Give Love A Bad Name' Type of song, this album is still great and it's what Iwas expecting of 'Crush' which is great but was missing something and I think it was found on this album. So we Bon Jovi fans have to go out and make this the great album it is with the sales to back it up and make sure it is heard worldwide and not left on a shelf not beening heard. To Jon, Richie, Tico and Dave thanks for the great album and good luck, I'll love to see it get the sales to go with the quality of work put out on it.

Thanks Guys and keep the albums coming

A Great Bon Jovi Fan since 1986 and still going strong


Rating: 10/10

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