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"Bounce" Review 4 November 2002
bon jovi

The good and bad of bounce

A review by STEPPINmk /

The groups new effort is one of there better albums in a while. But they still have some room for improvement. over all it is a good album with a couple of great songs that should make excellent singles.

1) Undevided- A great lead off song that should make a great single. with the lines. How many hands, how many hearts. how man dreams have been torn apart, enough, enough, the time has come to rise back up, One for love one for truth one for me one for you, where we once were devided, now we stand united, stand as one, undevided. It should also make an incredible single.

2)everyday- a great lead off single that some people compare to "It's My Life". which they shouldnt do. It has a different sound different lyrics and is a different song. now "its my life is my favorite bon Jovi song. But his one is climbing inot the top 15. With good lyrics good music it should do pretty well in the single charts. Too bad the music video sucks or it might have gotten some airplay on TRL.

3) The Distance- a good opening with decent lyrics that can mean so many different things. It shows great potential but there is just something missing from it. from changin it from a good song to a great song.

4) Joey- at first i didnt like this song at all. But it started to grow on me a little. It has great opening music by david bryan. But the lyrics seem to be missing something. There lacking emotion and the song is just lacking many things. this song they could have done without maybe "crying" would have been a better choice.

5) Misunderstood- a good song and thats it just a good song. Definetly not single worthy. It is missing that single mentality and I think it would be a mistake to release this song as the next single.

6) All about Loving You- Its the first real ballad on the album, and a great one at that. It has great music and a great melody and diefinetly the best love ballad on the album. It should do well in the single charts. But what do I know I was one of the few that thought "thank you for loving Me" was a good love song.

7) Hook Me Up- definetly the best music intro to a bon jovi song in a long time. It has great music with decent lyrics. The topic could have been better. But over all a good song that shoiws richie can still rock.

8) Right Side of Wrong- Jon has went back to cowboy songs. But all of his cowboy song of the past have been great. And it continues. It has a great story line and it tells the entire story of two bank robbers who are doing a wrong thing but for the right reasons.

9)Love me nack to life- a great song that has great lyrics and great m,usic. DOnt be fouled by the name this song is not a ballad. But its definetly the best rock love topic song in a long time by this band. with catchy lyrics. It should do well on the single charts.

10) You had me from hello- this song i really dont like. It started to gropw one me a little but not much. It is lacking good lyrics and good emotion tbhis is one of the song that the band could have done without. Maybe "breathe" might have been a better choice.

11) Bounce- Simply a great rock and rolls song this song has great music grerat lyrics and just is one of the best songs on the album. ANd I could imagine a great music vidoe for it. It should make a good single.

12) Open All Night- this song is all wrong. The should have went with a rock song to end the album. This song just leaves you with the feeling of listening to undevided again to get the bad flavor out of you mouth. I know they wanted to use the song name open all night for some time. But the lyrics just arent there. and the song is too slow. THis song has yet to grow on me.

The band maybe should try writing a hero song. Like chad kroegers "hero". or five for fightings "superman" both did really well and the band should be really good at it. jon bon jovi showed some potention with the song "miracle".

Rating: 8/10

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