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"Bounce" Review 5 November 2002
Bon Jovi's most mature album

only "keep the faith" is better

A review by Sambo

Hi Bon Jovi-Fans
Bon Jovi are back ! My favourite album ever (Keep the faith) has found a worthy follower J
In my opinion, BOUNCE is one of the best Bon Jovi- albums.
Bounce song review:

1 UNDIVIDED- one of the best openers (after “I believe” J) Great guitar (good solo!) and a chorus which makes you join in. The acoustic end rounds off an almost perfect song 10/10

2 EVERYDAY- it took a time to grow in me, but now, I think it’s a great song (unfortunately a bit short...)! Rightfully the first single (though Undivided might had done a better job in the charts...) 9/10

3 THE DISTANCE- heavy beginning. Reminds me on “blood on blood” or “stick to your guns”. Bon Jovi are going back to where they came from. Great chorus and good lyrics (as always). But I think, Richie could add a solo here... 8,5/10

4 JOEY- a beautiful story. I like songs like that. “Joey Keys was from my neighborhood”. “Joey” is a good ballad- neither more nor less- 9/10

5 MISUNDERSTOOD- sounds a bit like pop, but that can’t harm I think. I like this song. It is one of these songs I am always likely to listen to. Nice solo (but short...) from Richie. 9/10

6 ALL ABOUT LOVING YOU- a great lovesong. The lyrics are a bit kitschy, but good enough to join in. It’s not as good as TYFLM, but better than other band’s lovesongs. 9/10

7 HOOK ME UP- the beginning sounds like Metallica. I like Metallica, too. I don’t have problems with this song. Turn it on loudly!!!! It rocks!! I think Richie has a great input here. In the lyrics, the music itself and also in the chorus. The end is a bit strange.... 9,5/10

8 RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG- one of my favourites ever!! Maybe the best Bon Jovi ballad ever. Great lyrics and a wonderful epic guitar solo by MrSambora. I hoped it would become the 2nd single, but “misunderstood” won the race... 10/10

9 LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE- I read the listeners are on different opinions. It seems you have to love or hate it. It took a time to grow in me, but now I like it. The intro reminds on “the distance”. Not the best song on the cd, but one more powerful song the album could need more of... 7,5/10

10 YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO- I like this song, because I also like Country- and Westernmusic and with it the acoustic guitar. But I think this song would be the song I could live without if I had to. Nice guitar work by Richie, but the lyrics are very kitschy... sorry, but: 6/10

11 BOUNCE- undivided, right side of wrong and this one are the best songs on the album. A very catchy tune and a very catchy chorus turns this song to a masterpiece. It should work very good on the stage... 10/10

12 OPEN ALL NIGHT- reminds me on “lie to me”. Against many people’s opinions, I mean, that a ballad is a good ending for this album, because I see an emphasis on ballads and lovesongs on BOUNCE and open all night is a very good ending. Nice chords and good lyrics... I like songs like this... 9/10
All in all, a memorable album. The only things I really missed, were long guitar solos. I wouldn’t ever expect songs like “dry county” in future, but it was a reason for my participation as Bon Jovi-Fan. Only 6% of the album are Richie-solos (7% in crush, 9% in keep the faith). Richie is my favourite in this group and I hope he will work more with his guitar next time...
That’s the only thing which could have made BOUNCE a real masterpiece.
A second (but minor) point is, that the CD is very short (only 49mins), but the singles of everyday which have great tracks, too (“no regrets” and “another reason to believe” wouldn’t do any harm on the album...) and make the album complete.
Okay, I hope my English was not too bad (I’m from Germany). I wish you all a fine winter and thanks for reading this.
JerseySyndicate J

My Average rating:
BOUNCE 8,875/10
(to compare):
KEEP THE FAITH: 9,04/10 (fave: I believe)
CRUSH: 8,35/10 (fave: It’s my life/just older)
THESE DAYS: 8,32/10 incl. Bonus-songs (fave: something for the pain)
SLIPPERY WHEN WET: 8,5/10 (fave: wanted (dead or alive)) I’m a later follower
NEW JERSEY: 6,58/10 (fave: wild is the wind, but too many fillers on this album...)

Rating: 9/10

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