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"Bounce" Review 6 November 2002
Bounce review by long time fan

A review by jonboy

After listening to Bounce at least once a day since the release date in the US, I now feel ready to give a fair review. I think it is a very good cd. Not as good as Slippery/New Jersey/Keep the Faith, but certainly better than Crush. However, Crush may have been as good as Bounce if Neurotica and I Could Make a Living out of Loving You had been on the US version. I like the heavier sound on the hard rocking songs. Not as many stinkers on Bounce as there was on Crush. Song by song review will follow.

Undivided- Awesome opening song. I like the heavy sound. Good 9/11 lyrics with an upbeat message. 8/10.

Everyday- Good song. Good pick for 1st single. Surprised it has not done well in the charts. 8/10.

The Distance- Best song on Bounce IMHO. Just a very solid song. I like everything about this one. I'd like this one to be a single after Bounce. 9/10.

Joey- I like it. I like the story. 7/10.

Misunderstood- It's ok. I like it, but not as a single. Hope it does well but I would prefer Bounce or The Distance as next single. Not crazy about the I-I-I-I-I's. 6/10.

All About Lovin' You- Yuck. I already skip this one. Too many similar lyrics to other Bon Jovi ballads. I never thought they would lose their touch with ballads, but this one is pretty weak IMHO. 2/10.

Hook Me Up- Sounds great. I can see them opening shows with this one. Really like the aggressive start to this song. Can't wait to hear it live. 8/10.

Right Side of Wrong- I like it. Good story. 6/10.

Love Me Back to Life- Not bad. Would be better without the part where Jon sings "I need you more than yesterday, tonight i need you". That part just sounds goofy to me. Otherwise I like it. Particularly when the guitar gets heavier halfway through. 5/10.

You Had Me From Hello- I like it. The lyrics are pretty good. Sounds different than most Bon Jovi ballads. Tells a good story. The song title ruins it though. People that don't like Bon Jovi will not be surprised they made a song out of the line from Jerry Maguire. 6/10.

Bounce- Awesome. I always liked it, but seem to like it more as time passes. My pick for next single. 9/10.

Open All Night- Yuck. Too cheesy. I usually skip this one now too. 1/10

Looking forward to hearing the new songs in concert. See you on the road.

Jon Parrish
Forest VA

Rating: 7/10

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