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"Bounce" Review 10 November 2002

what i like and what i don't like about Bounce

A review by rockchick /

Well, first forgive me for my bad english. Second, I think ĎBounceí is a great album but unlike many fans, I donít think itís the best. There are some good things and also some bad stuffÖ
Hereís my track by track review :

UNDIVIDED : I like this song. The melody and the lyrics are great. But I donít like the opening, I think itís too heavy. The rest of the song is great and even though Iím not American, I can still relate to some of the lyrics. 8/10

EVERYDAY : This is ĎItís my lifeí post 9/11. The music and message are the same as in IML. But I liked IML so I like ĎEverydayí even if itís no really original. 8.5/10

THE DISTANCE : I know this sounds weird but the chorus reminds of Abbaís ĎDancing queení ! Itís one of the songs I really donít like. I donít really get the lyrics. Everyone says this song is great but Iím sorry I think this song is very bad. 3/10

JOEY : I like the melody. D. Bryanís work with the keyboards is nice. But the lyrics are a bit boring. 7/10

MISUNDERSTOOD : I really like this one. Itís a great song, a bit different from bon joviís style. I just donít like the 2nd part of the first verse but the rest of the song is great. 8.5/10

ALL ABOUT LOVING YOU : First I didnít like the song, it reminded me of S Club 7ís ĎI never had a drem come trueí. But then it grew on me and I now think itís a nice song, itís just the first part of the chorus thatís weird, maybe because of Richieís vocals. 7.5/10

(Btw, I forgot to say it : I hate most of Richieís vocals on the album, I know a lot of people wonít agree with me but I think Richieís vocals on this album are too proeminent compared to other albums and itís bad)

HOOK ME UP : I love this song. It rocks ! Too bad thereís not more rocking songs like this one on the allbum. The melody and lyrics are both great. The ending is nice because it is opened to interpretation. 8.5/10

RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG : I Ďm sorry but this is one of the song I really donít like. Besides the chorus , the rest is pretty bad and I really donít think we can compare this horrible song to ĎWanted dead or aliveí or ĎBlaze of gloryí that are much better songs. 3/10

LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE : I donít listen to it a lot so I canít really say anything about it. Again itís one of bj fansí favourites but I hate it. The lyrics and melody are bad. 2/10

YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO : Well, I like this one. The melody is nice. Itís true the lyrics are simple but theyíre nice to listen to. 8/10

BOUNCE : Sometimes I love this song and sometimes not. I donít know. The melody reminds me a bit of Ricky Martinís work. The lyrics can be funny at times. Fans adore it but I donít. But itís true itís a nice party song. 6.5/10

OPEN ALL NIGHT : I like it. Itís a nice ballad, the melody and lyrics are good, I like Jonís vocals. 8/10

All in all, I think ĎBounceí is nice album thatís worth the buying.
Thanks for reading my review, Iíd really like to share impressions with other bj fans or non-fans, so feel free to write me :-)

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