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"Bounce" Review 13 November 2002
Not as good as the old times.

A review by Marie1800 /

Hello everyone.
As a young but persistent Jon's fan, I have to say that there is much to appreciate from this new album.
To start with, all JBJ fans will probably agree with me saying that old stuff from this band are the best stuff. Personally I didn't like albums as Crush as much as I did like slippery, or New Jersey. And as Bounce reflects there is somehow continuity on the music style. Bounce and Everyday are catchy songs. For those who are not JBJ fans. They will probably hear it on the radio and think of it as a good song to listen to. But for us that have years following the band there is not much to like. I feel a lot more related to songs like Joey. I think it's strong and has a lot of Bon Jovi on it. All about lovin you, its a goodie. Has the tenderness and it still rocks.
You had me from hello. I admit is pretty cheesy. But hey, cheesy is not that bad sometimes.
Finally, songs like Open all night and Love me back to life are BJ's usual.
Generally is a great album. New-Bon Jovi style and there is a lot to get from it. One thing thought All Bon Joviís fans like me would appreciate an album with music the old way. Whoever wants to talk about Bon Jovi e-mail me. Thanx!!

Rating: 8/10

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