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"Bounce" Review 20 November 2002
Almost totally different than the other ones

It has good and bad things....

A review by Reich /

Well, although it became my favorite BJ album, there are things I don't like 'bout that.

1) UNDIVIDED: Good music, but not the best one. The letter doesn't make a big effect on me, but it's cool. 8/10.

2) EVERYDAY: Letter reminds me "It's my life", but this is better, I love the bass in this song. This is the reason for being 4 weeks in #1 in Muchmusic Mexico. 10/10.

3) THE DISTANCE: I'd like this song to be the second single, I love it, it's one of the 3 best songs. 10+/10.

4) JOEY: Next one, please, before it makes me sleep.... 4/10.

5) MISUNDERSTOOD: It's a good song, in fact, the story of my life, but not the one to be the second single. 7/10.

6) ALL ABOUT LOVING YOU: Not the kind of ballad Bon Jovi used to write in '80s and '90s. It sounds me between "Never say goodbye" and "Thank you for loving me", I like it, but I'm not really convinced 'bout that. 7/10.

7) HOOK ME UP: What a song!!!! This is the Bon Jovi evolution!!!! It would sound great at live, I'd love it to be the third single. 10+/10

8) RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG: I love the music at this song, and I love the fact that it is the almost only song that has the average duration of a BJ song, but it's missing something... 9/10.

9) LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE: Too similar to "The distance" but it's cool in a different way, I also love this song. 10/10

10) YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO: The best song in this album, I love it. Anything else to say. 10+/10.

11) BOUNCE: A great song, but I think the rhythm of this song combined with the letter of "Everyday" would give "It's my life" again..... 9.5/10.

12) OPEN ALL THE NIGHT: This song would be better as a B-Side, I really don't like it, that isn't the kind of ballad that Bon Jovi used to do..... 5/10.

Well, for finishing, I will write my ideal Bounce track listing:

1) Hook me up
2) Another reason to believe
3) Everyday
4) Undivided
5) The distance
6) Misunderstood
7) No regrets
8) Right side of wrong
9) Love me back to life
10) You had me from hello
11) Bounce
12) Postcards from the wasteland
13) Standing

Rating: 9/10

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