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"Bounce" Review 3 December 2002
updateted review

What should have been on bounce

A review by steppinmk /

Bounce has some great songs on it. Some alright songs, and some bad songs. And some of the songs not inlcuded on the album were better than some of the songs that were.

On the single of everyday, which I had to look threw 9 music stores on Long Island NY to find just one copy of the single part 2. Had a good demo song "No Regrets" and a excellent demo song "Standing". I beleive that standing is a much better song than open all night. And should have been the closer. This song blew me away when I first heard it, much like it's my life once did. Its a good power rock song that would have made a great album song and a great single.
I would have replaced the Song Joey probably with "Breath"
And I would have replaced you had me from hello. which i would have released as a bonus song. With "crying" and I would have used the lyrics from "No Regrets" in place of Hook Me up. Cause the music from hook me up would have went better with the lyrics from "No regrets".

Now if anyone is still reading this. Here is a question for you. How can a bon jovi fan by the singles for everyday. or just a fan of the song. By the single everyday. When i had to look threw 9 music stores on LI New york, and the 9th store only had one copy, and that copy was the part 2 of the single. The store i found it in wasn'teven in one of the biggest malls of the county i live in. Smithhaven mall. But it was in a boreders book store. So how could just a person who likes the song by the single if it took me this much trouble to find a copy. I just went to a music store yesterday. dec 1 2002. and i didn't even see their new single misunderstood. So how can a single do well if it isnt being sold anywhere. I hate to say it but most people would probably just download the songs they want. since its easier and cheaper.
That was just a question that was bothering me.

Rating: 8/10

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