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"Bounce" Review 6 December 2002
Bounce Back

A review by Simon /


The latest album from the New Jersy band, is better then you can imagine. The opening track Undivided sends depth and feeling with the effects that everybody felt after 9-11, this is mixd also with the meaningfull messages of the band that everything has to go on, but not be forgotten. the second offering is the hit single Everyday. The fast and furious nature of the song and the lyrics was a great way to stamp Bon Jovi's authority on the comming Album and tour. From the Fast and the furious to a genteler (by Bon Jovi standard) track, or that is until the chorus where everything kicks off. This is a song which underlines Bon Jovi and how never to give up.

Probably the best track on the album is Joey it is 4:54 minutes of piano, guitar, drums and exceptional lyrics. It probably is the best Bon Jovi offering since Always. With its mixture of tempo it gives great feeling and passion. The next single to be released of Bounce is to be ~Misunderstood, this again is lyricly sound and has a meaningful chrous to match, also the nature of the track gives it a warm and mellow feeling but still Richie's guitar. Next everything takes a step into a more calmer mood with All About Loving You, this shows how great a singer Jon is and still takes the music up that extra level.

As you can hardly ever go more than 3 traks with out the heavy rock feeling the introduction of Hook Me Up suggests that is the nature of the next song, but it isn't untill the chorus when you know 100% that this is pure Bon Jovi. Almost as soon as one peak is met another is met straight after, and with Right Side Of Wrong Jon and Richie get a sense of feeling with the quiet guitars and the meaningful vocals. This song has great depth and even in points feels as though it should be part of a movie sound track.

Again the rock comes with Love Me Back To Life. As song about needing a loved one more than ever, but even though this is the situation vocaly the track is total complete. The mellowest track on the alsum is You Had Me From Hello. This is so good that all I can say is listen to it to get a true feeling of what is going on.

The title track from the album is number 11 and as the title suggests it is all about the bouncing back that the band have done over the last few years. It is pure Bon Jovi at their best and personally should have been released along with the album. The final offering on the album is Open ALl Night it is an ideal track to close the album with and has great feeling.

I would recomend Bounce to anybody and if you want to buy any last minute Christmas presents, this is idea. And if this is the leadup to the Bounce tour I for one cant wait!!

Rating: 9/10

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