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"Crossroad" Review 3 January 2003
THE BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i looove you jony!!!!!!!!!!JBJ RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A review by JONYLOVER

i cant belive it........ do you want the greatest songs of Bon Jovi in the same album???...... welll,, Crossroad is it!!! i cant stop listening to it!! it just sooooo great!!!!!!! and... i reeeeeally mean it.... Jon F. BonGiovi iisss THE SEEEEXIEST MAN ALIVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! hee's just sooo great!!!! he's perfeect!!! he sings great ,dances sooo sexy, plays guitar exelently ,acts, has the sexiest body eeeeveeeer seen!!!!!! specially his bottoms! he's 100 atracted to me!!!! i just love him!!!!! his exelent and i think that this album is just sooo great!!!!! ya don have it???? what where u thinkin????? buy it noww!!!!

babbyeeeee!!!!!! and remember::: I'M THE #1 FAN OF JBJ!!!!
and whoever is reading this... he's mine sorry!!!!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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