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"Bounce" Review 4 January 2003
What A Come Back=)

It's worth every penny!

A review by Kat /

It's a great come back of Bon Jovi. You think they were just gonna die out like any other rock band, but lots of people must be surprised that they are still on top. Jon hasn't changed much either,just his hair style. This 40 year old rock'n'roller can still make the ladies hearts melt. I know mine did. Open All Night was my favorite. In a way it tells the story how love really is today. Maybe, it reflects there experinces over the years. Bad luck with love won't stop these guys for giving their all to the people who really love them,some not cause their upbeat,or make alot of money,because there sweet and kind.
Back to Bounce it's a awesome,all the songs are great. They still got it in them. Good Luck, Bon Jovi.=)

Rating: 10/10

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