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"Crossroad" Review 20 January 2003
The Best of Bon Jovi - It's great

A review by GaryGriffiths /

Hi my name is Gary Griffiths and this is my Crossroads review!!

1. Livin on a Prayer
This is the classic. The first Bon Jovi song I ever heard, and still one of the best. Great Rock n Roll song that's catchy, upbeat and lyrically solid. Tommy and Gina have stood the test of time.

2. Keep the Faith
Not my favourite B.Jovi tune, but still good. A concert favourite that has a lot of fans. Lyrically hopefull, and catchy.

3. Someday I'll be Saturday Night
Brilliant accoustic song, lyrically it's about the pain of everyday life, and how you just want to feel like you do on a Saturday night when your hair is down and you're having a good time.

4. Always
The very best Rock ballad EVER, in my opion. Lyrically perfectly, musically flawless. This blend of guitar and piano have you gripped and leaves you heartbroken. From the beginning drum beat to the desperation in Jons voice as the song ends, this is a classic.

5. Wanted Dead or Alive
As Jon say's in one of his concert's "Please rise for our national anthem".
This song IS Bon Jovi, a great song which features one of my favourite lyrics - "I've seen a million faces...And I've rocked them all!!"
Great stuff.

6. Lay Your Hands on Me
Musically this song is brilliant, Lyrically there isn't much going on, but as a song it's great, brilliant wen performed in concert.

7. You give love a bad name
Again, not one of my favourites but ever other Jovi fan seems to love it, and I can see why. Although it doesn't appeal to me that much, Good rock song though.

8. Bed of Roses
AMazing song. You can really feel what Jon was gonig through when he wrote it. The opening verse is among my favourite verses ever, captures every single emotion he was gonig through at the time. Amazing song, amazing ballad.

9. Blaze of Glory
I really like this song lyrically, it's definetly written from the hands of Jon Bon Jovi. Good song, a bit like Wanted dead or alive, but at the same time - very different. Weird, eh!

10. In These Arms
This is a really cool song. Sooo catchy, esspeically when he starts sing the "I'll hold you..." part's, you can't help but bob your head and sing along even if you don't know the words. A really great song.

11. Bad Medicine
Another classic Bon Jovi song, I always class it in my head as similar to 'you give love a bad name' but again, it's very different. A real fan favourite.

12. I'll be there for you
I love this song, very emotionally charged. Basically saying sorry for all the time's you've screwed up in a relationship and asking for forgivness and for your partner back. A Nice message. The song also features the legendary scream near the end.

13. In and Out of Love
A good rock song, sounds old school Bon Jovi. Nice guitar riff, it's very catchy.

14. Runaway
There's something about the opening chords of this song that make me just picture a dark, 80's New york skyline and a car quickly riding through it. Great song, lyrics are amazing.

15. Never Say Goodbye
A really good album ender. About sitting in a bar alone, reflecting on a relationship that represents a better part of your life, and Never Saying Goodbye to the past. As this album shows though, you have to say goodbye to the past to move on. And this is the best possible way to say goodbye to the past.

This album is incredible

Rating: 10/10

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