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"One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001" Review 1 February 2003
Where's the fire

A review by gillientes /

When Bon Jovi announced that there was a live album in the making i was avidly excited.As anyone knows that have seen the Jovi live,they are one of the best live bands to have stalked the planet.O.W.N should have captured this and more,but it ended up being more like one wet sponge.You see.there are two aspects that make a great live album,the first being musicanship and execution of songs.With this Bon Jovi fly,for their most part breezing through classics like,Prayer,Bad Name,Wanted,etc.The second part is atmosphere and vibe,something O.W.N fails on full stop.Songs taken from here there,and anywhere else you can think of.The best live albums are normally recorded over one,maybe two nights,and they can reach out and grab you from your bedroom,or whatever room you are in and place you at the gig.If you listen to Aerosmith's A Little South of Sanity,or Iron Maidens Rock in Rio you will see what i mean.O.W.N contains as much atmosphere as a soggy banana.In some places the tracklisting is dodgy to.I Don't like Mondays,and Rockin in the Free world have no buisness being on this album,good songs as they are.We could all think of a few Jovi classics that could take their place.To top it all of,the cd was only a single,like all good nights at your local pub,please make it a double!Not a bad album to have in your collection,but for the true Jovi live experience on cd you should check out the many bootlegs that are around,and they will have you 'eadbanging in no time.Well, dancing at least!

Rating: 5/10

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