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"Crush" Review 14 June 2000
A Crushing Blow

the album's a knock-out

A review by John /

I'm a Canadian, eh, so I finally got my hands on Crush (the 12-song version)yesterday. Here's how I test a new album...can it become my jogging companion? Well, Crush lifted me through seven miles of running last night and has become my new best friend.

It's My Life - Awesome song that doesn't disappoint! The only problem with this one is that it opens the album. It doesn't have the feel of other BJ album openers i.e. I Believe, Hey God, Let It Rock. But, this flaw is trivial and does not overshadow the album whatsoever.

Say It Isn't So - This song's been getting a lot of poo-poos in reviews, but it caught my ear instantly. Great choice for a second single.

Thank You for Loving Me - I love ballads (and I'm not even a chick), but's been getting the FF button. I like the "intense Bon Jovi ballad" i.e. This Ain't a Love Song, I Want You.

Two Story Town - Great song, gets the feet moving at a good pace.

Next 100 Years - Fantastic, especially the interlude at the end. The song just flies into high gear. How can they top it...

Just Older - With this song! Worthy of four plays during the run. Definitely my fave on Crush. Sort of reminiscent of Wish You Well (another great song) by Tom Cochrane. He's Canadian, too, eh. Just Older just got into my heart. The song's about me - not quite 17 anymore - just older!!

Mystery Train - Pretty laid back, but enjoyable. Hasn't been getting the best reviews, but I get this song.

Save the World - Great ballad, didn't disappoint me after Thank You.

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars - Great title! Great story! I could run to this tune forever. Many say it's reminiscent of Bowie, but I'm too young and missed the whole Ziggy Stardust trip, so it's great for the band to introduce something like this to me.

She's a Mystery/I Got the Girl - I enjoyed these songs and hope they grow on me a little more.

One Wild Night - One wild song. Crush ends on a high note.

Although it lacks the sometimes angst-filled emotions of These Days, Crush has come at the right time - time to raise your voice and shout it out loud!!

Rating: 9/10

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