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"Bounce" Review 1 February 2003

A review by Everydya Runaway /

Ever since Alec jon such left the band I became a big fan. I am very dissappointed with the album. I could say that most fans agree that the 3 best songs are in my opinion undivided, bounce and hook me up. I do not like everyday. Bon Jovi is getting softer and they are crossing that fine line that seperates rock and pop. Misunderstood is the 2nd single wrong move. Bounce should of been 1st, after all the cd is entitled bounc and everydya should of followed. I am going to my first BOn jovi concert and I am extremely exicted. I am an old timer can, Livin on a Prayer, You give love a bad name and RUNAWAY!! Runawya is the best song he ever made, the problem is that now he performs the slow version, almost acousticly. I was given the crush tour DVD and if he perfrom like he did on that DCD i def, can't wait. If he perfroms the fast version of runaway I will be the happiest man. If that was the only song he performed i'll be happy. To be honest i believe he lip sincs to the last 20 seocnd of runaway when he ned to make his voice carry. Thus the reason who wont do it anymore. What else besides Bounce, Undivided is very rockis as well as Bounce. Overall I couldn't care if this is the worst CD which it is not, I would buy it anywya. In my opinion I think this Bounce tour should be a Farewell/Retirement tour for the band. You go to know when to hold them, no when to fold them. If they retire now they will be on top, if they continue to hit bombs they will fall face 1st. Bon Jovi is the best!

Rating: 1044066065/10

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