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"Bounce" Review 23 February 2003

Beats Crush, but hey thats hard

A review by Matthew Storey /

Well lets be honest Bounce isn't a classic bonjovi album, there are the huge tracks that we always look for "Everyday", "Undivided", "Bounce". They even through in the usual bonjovi charm with "All about lovin' you" and "You had me from Hello". The problem with Bounce seems to be that the boys just can't write there own music these days, they seem to be content with life.

Looking back at all there albums (excluding Crush & Richies solo work) Jon & Richie have done the honours with almost all there music(jon writing Young Guns entirely himself, no Desmond Child!!) So why now do they bring in these extra writers for pretty much all there tunes? Okay so the songs are "co-written", but if the band are as still as good as ever why cant they write there own stuff?
"Right Side of Wrong" well this was penned by Jon, but it was also the worst Jovi song I ever listened to!!

When I compare this album to possibly the greatest Jovi album "These Days" - mainly wrote by Jon & Richie, I'm shocked at how there standards have dropped.

Jon often wants people in the music industry to stop mocking him and his music, but this is not his music. The band are far to content, they need inspiration to write there music. Its as if they're trying to trick us into believing they are the same big RocknRoll band that they used to be, but somthings not quite right with Bonjovi at the moment. I look forward to the future!!

Matthew Storey

Rating: 7/10

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