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"Bounce" Review 25 February 2003
What do u expect? Click here and find out!

Discussion about the songs and the singles

A review by CUGR /

Hello Bon Jovi's fans... My name is Lucas, I'm from Brazil and I would like to share my opinion with u, about this GREAT new ALBUM!

Well, of course we can't compare `Bounce` with `Slippery When Wet` or `New Jersey` or even `Keep The Faith`. Why?
Simple... we are not in 1986, 1988 and 1992.
Wake up fans, this is 2002!

Jon, Richie, Dave and Tico, they aren't boys anymore... We have to expect mature albums from 'em.
Jon's voice can't hit the top notes just like he used to do in the past with ballads like Bed Of Roses, Always, I'll Be There For You, Never Say Goodbye or even This Ain't A Love Song (the last "truthfully" rock ballad made it by BJ)... what explain these last "pop" ballads made it by the guys in the `Crush` and `Bounce`. But it's something we can't judge, remember, they don't have girlfriends anymore, they have families and kids, they are MEN!
But it's ok for me, coz I understand that my favorite band is growing up with style without losing the spirit of their best Rock & Roll!

Check it out, my review of the songs:

1. UNDIVIDED - The greatest powerfull hard rock song of the album, I really expect and pray for God to this one become a SINGLE... I beg u marketin's men, work out this one! PLEASE!!! 10/10

2. EVERYDAY - Contemporary rock & roll BJ's music! Another classic that is already unforgettable! 1st AND RIGHT chose of SINGLE for the album! 10/10

3. THE DISTANCE - Great song, instrumental sounds good, great job of the band... but there's nothing so special to become a SINGLE, the right place of it, the CD. 7/10

4. JOEY - Hey Joey, did u back from Wild In The Streets? hehehe... so, wellcome back! This is a great lyric of Jon and Richie, congrats! Sounds like Someday I'll Be Saturday Night 2 (the returns)! But just like THE DISTANCE, the right place for this one, is the CD too! 7/10

5. MISUNDERSTOOD - Fantastic rock music, amazing lyric, ready for these days, made it for the radio! Right chose for the 2nd SINGLE! Congrats BJ! 9/10

6. ALL ABOUT LOVIN YOU - As I said, the new "pop" ballad that they've made it. But is pretty good! Right chose too for 3rd SINGLE! Hope hear a lot in the radio! Enjoy it! 8/10

7. HOOK ME UP - A splendid work of 'em! Richie's guitar is better than ever in this song, congrats Sambora! A heavy hard rock composition ever made it by Bon Jovi!!! 9/10

8. RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG - A cinematic music! Magnificent!!! Include one of the best solos I've ever heard from Sambora! Perfect to be a movie theme! 8/10

9. LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE - Great song too, a classic rock! 7/10

10. YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO - Just part of the new generation of the "pop" ballads, but its ok, good accoustic sound. 6/10

11. BOUNCE - Did u really wanna ROCK & ROLL??? So here it is! All power of the mighty BON JOVI sound!!! If u don't like, I have just one thing to say: "I just don't give a f-f-f-f-f-f-f, Bounceee"... See it on the TOP SINGLE HIT! 10/10

12. OPEN ALL NIGHT - Good lyric. Just another "pop" ballad. 6/10

## Released singles ##
BOUNCE ... and ...
I hope and pray for UNDIVIDED.

Thanks for reading my opinion.

Rating: 8/10

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