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"Bounce" Review 7 March 2003

A review by Thierry Hunting /

Undivided = Very good hardrock song, I was very pleased when I did heard it for the first time. It is a very powerful song, Jon's vocals are great in it. I like the part "One for love, One for truth". Probably one of my favourites ever. Score 10/10

Everyday = Nice song, not one of my favourites. The lyrics are very selfish just like "It's My Life", just a basic song I think there are too much samples in it. Non bon jovi song. Score 7/10

The Distance = Awesome rock song, it's really great. It does sounds like "My Sacrifice" by Creed, I don't care for that this song is even better. The lyrics are great and the chorus is cool. Good harmonics by Jon and Richie. Only thing that is missing is an nice and fast guitar solo. Score 9/10

Joey = One of the ballads of the album. It is ok, although it is a bit slow and soft for playing it on a concert. The lyrics aren't sensational but ok. And again we are missing an great solo. Score 8/10

Misunderstood = The second single of the album. What should I say about this one.. Well I like the single mix more than the album version. And again the song is kinda selfish and the "IIIII" is annoying. Score 7/10

All About Loving You = The intro sucks bigtime, a rock band should not use an drummachine for any song/intro. The song is far too cheesy (It was written for Leann Rimes) and too slow. It is an rip off of "Thank You For Loving Me" and "Never Say Goodbye".But I can tell everyone here that it will be an hit in the charts. Because the song is good to sing along too. Score 6/10

Hook Me Up = And again an great rock song. It would be an great opener for the concerts. This song kicks serious ass. The lyrics are great and Richie's guitarwork is awesome. Too bad about the sound samples in it. Great song. Score 10/10

Right Side Of Wrong = I really like this song, I know there aren't much people who like this one. The lyrics are great, storytelling and the harmonics are superb. And the guitar solo is fantastic, Richie at his best. I think his song should be played at every show. Score 10/10

Love Me Back To Life = This is the little brother of "The Distance" and not as good as that one. This song isn't one of my favourites of the album. It's catchy I have to admit but it don't suits me completely. Score 7/10

You Had Me From Hello = This is an acoustic song. I like it, but it is quite simulair to Richie's "In It For Love". This song does have great harmonics and it is Jon and Richie at vocals on his best. Score 8,5/10

Bounce = Yeah, gimme a bit of rock again. Superb song, really Bon Jovi style and again there are a lot of samples. The song is quite simulair to "It's My Life" also even the chord scedule is almost the same. But that doesn't matter it rocks! Score 10/10

Open All Night = Well here we go a ballad again, this one is better than "All About Loving You" but again it's too slow to play at an concert. The lyrics are ok, but this isn't my favourite of the album also. Together with "All About Loving You" and "Love Me Back To Life" these are the songs I skip regular. Score 7/10

Rating: 8/10

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