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"Bounce" Review 9 March 2003
BOUNCE: Up & Down

Latest and greatest album RULES!!!

A review by Jovi Fan 4 Ever

UNDIVIDED: This is mostly everyone's favorite song on the album, and I think like them! Best song on the CD. 10/10

EVERYDAY: I took me a while to like this song, but now it is one of my favorites. 10/10

THE DISTANCE: This song gets boring after a while. 8/10
JOEY: Richie could have done a little better, but this is a great song, anyway. 9/10

MISUNDERSTOOD: Good song. The video is goofy, too! 10/10

ALL ABOUT LOVING YOU: Too slow. 7/10

HOOK ME UP: Good rock'n'roll song. 10/10

RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG: This song makes me relax. 9/10

LOVE ME BACK TO LIFE: This song is boring all the way around. 5/10

YOU HAD ME FROM HELLO: Another boring song. 6/10

BOUNCE: On my favorites list. 10/10

OPEN ALL NIGHT: Its alright, but not great. 8/10

Rating: 10/10

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