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"Bounce" Review 12 March 2003
Bounce Review - Rocks Your Ass Off

Bounce Is A Must Have CD !!!!

A review by Zul Bon Jovi /

Personally, i think that this record is indeed great to listen to. I know that it cannot be compared to the other hit bon jovi records. But this album proves that Bon Jovi is still one of the best bands in the world. Where else can u find pop metal bands that are as popular as bon jovi now ??

They have stood the test of time and proving it everytime they're on stage. And this album proves it too. I'm a hardcore bon jovi fan but I'll be really honest with u guys for this album review.

Let's go track by track for the reviews.

1.Undivided - A great album opener. Follows the classic bon jovi style of album opening tracks. A good, heavy and meaningful rocker. I'll give an 9/10

2. Everyday - This song really rocks. Wise decision to make it their first single. But I'm quite disappointed due to it's short length. Juz when I'm really enjoving the song, it has to end. but overall i'll give it a 8.5/10

3. The Distance - They tried to change the sound to which not only I, but a lot of other bon jovi harcore fans agree is not a wise decision. It is a carbon copy of Creed's sound. But The guys scored big with the lyrics. It also shows that bon jovi is experimenting with different sounds but sticking to its own succesful formula. Overall I'll give a 8/10

4. Joey - This song will make u feel the true vibes if listen to a couple of times. It has a great storytelling and bon jovi really knows how to pull it off. it's like the song 'guitar lies bleeding in my arms' from the album 'These Days' where u started to appreciate the song after listening twice. A good Ballad though and makes u relax and excited at the same time. I'll rate this one a 8.5/10

5. Misunderstood - Not a good decision to make it into a single. The song is juz average and even the video is not up to standard. The part where jon sings 'IIIII..." sometimes makes u irritated but sometimes makes u wanna sing along too. That's Bon Jovi for u guys. U juz can't hate them. And I'll be fair. I'll give it a 7/10

6. All about Loving U - One Helluva Ballad... This Song is locked forever in my mind. It maybe slow but i love it when bon jovi makes these power ballads. Watch out for this song to be turned into a single. Great meaningful lyrics and i love the part when jon screams at the end. One Of the greatest song on Bounce. 10/10

7. Hook Me Up - A Great Rocker with great guitar riffs. this song would even fit in in the 80s. No wonder Bon Jovi is still popular. The made sure their current musical strategies appealed not only to new audience but to those old timers as well. That's how they can sell out shows everywhere. Great song........ 9/10

8. Right Side Of Wrong - What a great song !!! I juz love this song. Catchy lyrics, great guitars, superb storyline... what more can I say ??? Great work through out. I'll give it a 9/10

9. Love Me back To Life - It's The same Creed sound again. Juz like the 'distance'. An average song with catchy lyrics... A good climax in the end as Jon screams. A good point to prove to critics that he still could sing. I'll be fair and give it a 7/10.

10. You Had Me From Hello - I feel that this song should'nt be on this album. It would have been better if the replace this song with those outstanding demos such as 'Standing' or even 'Lucky'. That would be alot better. This song is too slow. Only the chorus attracts you. And the worse is that the chorus keeps on going and going before the song finally ends. This song is quite a disappointment to me. I'll give a 5/10.

11. Bounce - What A remarkable rocking ,outsatnding tune. Superb song. Never mind if it's too short. Never Mind if the 'BBBBB....ounce' part is irritating. Never Mind If Bon Jovi Is intending to say the four-letter word. This song is juz outstanding. Pls make it into a single. God !!! I love This Song. This Is what it's all about...... BOUnce !!! I'll definitely give this one 10/10.

12 Open All Night - This song, even though is slow and not a good one to close an album, is relaxing and gives you a weird feeling in your heart and body. Don't believe me ??? Listen again... A good ballad from Bon Jovi. Only regrets that it doen't have a great climax like 'All About Loving U' did. Or else this song will also get airplay. I'll give a 9.5/10 for this one.

Well... I've come to the end of the review..... I juz wanna tell you that some of the demo tracks for this album is also good. Some are so good that they should be on this album...... But they did not and i can't argue anyway.... In the meantime.... I got to go. Juz wanna tell u guys that I love this album and will continue to support Bon Jovi till the day i die.... I'm Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi is me. I listen to a lot of other classic rock bands but none have affected me to what Bon Jovi does. I have their complete album collection and even have almost all of their rarities songs as well, not forgetting the lyrics too. I memorize every single song. That shows how much I love their music.

It's such a pity that they haven't come to Singapore yet.... We have a huge fan club here. I hope this album does well in the markets as well as in your hearts. I hope Bon Jovi will do a concert in Singapore one day. And to you guys out there..... Long Live Rock N Roll and Long Live Bon Jovi........ Bon Jovi Rules !!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Zulhelmy

Rating: 9/10

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