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"Crush" Review 14 June 2000

A review by Kevin /

Bon Jovi is BACK!! but a very different Bon Jovi. i love this album, but i think its about 80% Bon Jovi and about 20% Oasis. have the guys been listening to Oasis a lot or something?? regardless, this album is great. not they're best, but not they're worst. oh wait!! they dont have a worst!!

It's my life: what can you say?? the best bon jovi song since a couple songs from the keep the faith album. has all the makings of being a great hit. i think this will even end up in the top ten in the states after bon jovi get some press. song it most reminds me of : Livin on a prayer.10/10

say it isnt so: i hated this song at first, now i find myself playing it over and over. it definately grows on you. but im not sure if they should bring this out as a single. i dont think it will do well in the states at all. many other songs they could bring out. song it reminds me of : livin in sin 9/10

thank you for loving me: this is going to be #1 in every country. everyone likes a love ballad, and bon jovi just came up with they're best ever. i would say it even edges "always". a great song. song it reminds me of : ill be there for you. 10/10

two story town: my personal fav on the album. a great tune that i think reastablishes the creative writing of these guys. song it reminds me of : "hearts breakin even" or "in these arms". 10/10

next 100 years: a good tune. richie is at his best at the end of this song. best solo he's ever done on a group album. however, this is where i bring up the Oasis thing. the symphony in this song is very very much like that of "all around the world" by oasis. maybe coincidence. who knows? still a great song. song it reminds me of: "dry county". dont know why. 9/10

Just Older: one of the best on the album. typical Bon Jovi song if you ask me. but thats what i like. the whole song is just a great hit. i think this could be a single. song it reminds me of: blood on blood. 10/10

mystery train: like say it isnt so, it had to grow on my. now i love it. a great song. sounds like something that could have been on the "these days" album. song it reminds me of: "wild is the wind". 9/10

save the world: is this a great tune or what? how did they use aerosmiths song over this for the armeggedon soundtrack?!?! this should have been it! one of the best on the album. SHOULD be a single. song it reminds me of:"never say goodbye". 10/10

captain crash...: just a great fun song. nothing to analyze here. take it for what it is. fun. i dare you not to sing along to this. but again, the chorus is almost exactly that of the oasis song "stay young". i hate to bring that up again, but its unavoidable. song it reminds me of: "woman in love" 9/10

shes a mystery: i really like this song. but i think it belonged on "destination anywhere". doesnt sound like a group song. but i like it. song it reminds me of: "its hard letting you go". 9/10

i got the girl: my least fav on the album. this sounds like it should have been on the first bon jovi album. very cheesey to me. song it reminds me of: "breakout" 7/10

one wild night: awesome. typical sww song if you ask me. maybe even a nj song. similar to its my life just in the fact that it has that 80's pop metal sound that only bon jovi perfected. good to hear them do a song like this again. and a great way to end the album. song it reminds me of: "raise your hands" 10/10

Rating: 9/10

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