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"Bounce" Review 12 March 2003

A review by misunderstood /

bounce is definitely better than crush which i believe is bon jovi's worst album.the boys get back to their roots though not wholly.still there are songs written for the commercial market.all about loving you,for instance,is the worst song in the whole album,probably one of the worst bon jovi has ever's not even a rock's rather too slow and particularly the chorus is favourites are undivided-i love the beat and jon's vocals are pretty cool,the closing part is impressive where they pull the plug and it's all acoustic.some great backing vocals by richie.bounce literally makes me jump off my seat wherever i am!no wonder they call it bounce.everyday is not bad but still it doesn't have anything distinctive.the motto is the same as in it's my's a brilliant idea to make it be the first single that comes out of a newly-released album.since it worked w/ it's my life it would definitely work w/ this far i haven't heard nice stuff about love me back... from bj fans but to me it's a very touching song,particularly the lyrics,and great had me from hello is a very sweet romantic song.this one is slow too but it has spirit,there's some feel to jon's vocals.joey is what i'd call a typical bj's soft but impressive.right side of wrong reminded me of blaze of glory's uniquely a JON BON JOVI song.guess he's still interested in stories of lawbreakers.but the song is far too long and boring for me to be interested it's not that recognizable.

Rating: 8/10

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