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"Bounce" Review 13 March 2003

A review by ckjax /

I just read the Times-Dispatch review - a link on this web site - where she says the songs from Bounce " At times, the mediocre...reminded of the unevenness of the band's catalog". Well, that's what makes them great. They don't repeat themselves - no two albums sound the same. And what's with this "9/11 themed album" I hear alot of reviewers add to their review? First, Springsteen's album is admittedly a 9/11 themed album - he got rave reviews. Secondly, only a few songs on Bounce are actually 9/11 inspired. NOT including the song "Bounce". The song is actually a sports song - read the liner notes and who it is dedicated to (of course after 9/11 it has taken on additional meanings). Now on with actual album review.

Bounce reminds me - since the first time I heard it - as a Crush II album. Return to great rock music, but heavier - just as with the Beatles Rubber Soul and Revolver albums. And just as those Beatles albums were, so I feel Crush and Bounce are: related, but very different.

Undivided - obviously 9/11 inspired. heavy guitars, pounding drums and the nice stripped down ending bring the song, and the message into perspective. great song.

Everyday - another great song. in my opinion this song was to "keep the ball rolling" with the success of "It's My Life".

The Distance - this song shows Jovi's song construction smarts. unlike "Undivided" in which it was expected to hear the heavy guitars throughout, "Distance" fronts the acoustic for the verses with a soft U2esque lick by Richie.
Love this one.

Joey - a song with a nod to Elton John and his song (which Jon covered) Levon. Very apparent towards the end with the strings. love it when bands pay homage to their influences in their songs - whether it is apparent or not.

Misunderstood - someone wrote that the "i's" got annoying after awhile. that's what actually made me like this song. this song is one reason i can't find fault with a Jovi song, some part of their songs always hook me.

All about loving You - actually like this better than "Thank you for loving me". and even though it is in no way the reminds me of "Grow old with Me" by John Lennon.

Hook me Up - another great arena rock song. i wonder if the opening line is a nod to Pink Floyd....cause the words are virtually the same (sorry can't remember the name of their song) and done the same way with the echo and the slight pause after the "Hello?".

Right side of Wrong - i was wrong about this song. once again wasn't too fond of it - except for the solo. reminded me of the Blaze album. not only do some parts of their songs hook you in like i said, but sometimes seeing them do it live can hook you into a song. this was one. also another nod? there's a line in this song that is similar to a John Lennon line he used...Lennon's was from "Beautiful Boy" - "Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans".

Love me back to Life - probably my favorite on the album. love the break in the middle. some say this sounds like "Distance".....well, they're in the same key and virtually the same chord-progression here and there. once again using the talk box or the same effect for the intro.

Had me from Hello - like this one....another one that hooked me in at a certain part - and that would be the middle where it picks up a little. almost has the same melody as Def Leppards "Love Bites".

Bounce - nothing really to say about this except that it is another great rock song.

Open all Night - the jury is still out on this one. it sounds exactly like another song to me. just the verses though....which is why i can't listen to it - i get that other song in my head but i can't put my finger on it. right now the only one i might have a fault with. maybe, maybe not..........

Rating: 10/10

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